Summary: Ms. Marvel runs into Melody and discovers things seem to be changing for her. She takes the young woman to the Justice League of America and the Martian Manhunter to help diagnose her situation and figure out where she goes from here.
Location: Midtown East, New York City
Participants: Ms. Marvel, Facet, Martian Manhunter
Rating: PG-13

Location DescriptionEdit

Midtown East - New YorkEdit

The Eastern most point of Manhattan, Midtown East is primarily made up of by bright business buildings. Lawyers, agents and doctors all use this as prime real estate, mostly due to its proximity to the borough of Queens. The area is mostly clean, with skyscrapers built of reflecting glass gleaming in the sunlight. While a few boutique stores are scattered around the area, they have slowly been disappearing or moving into neighborhoods more friendly to their sort of charms. To the far Eastern side of the neighborhood is the Queenboro Bridge, an impressive copy of the more famous Brooklyn suspension bridge.

  • Players:
    • Ms. Marvel
    • Melody
  • Obvious Exits:
    • [MH] - Murray Hill
    • [Q] - Queens
    • [TD] - Theatre District
    • [TS] - Times Square
    • [UES]- Upper East Side

Character DescriptionsEdit

Ms. MarvelEdit

A tall, solidly built blonde beauty, she is just shy of six feet tall with broad shoulders and hips, an hourglass figure without being thin or willowy, curvy and athletically muscled. Lustrous golden blonde hair falls in a thick wave down to frame her face and tumble over her shoulders to mid-back. A rounded, oval face includes wide, deep blue eyes beneath sculpted blonde eyebrows, a pert nose, full lips and a strong but feminine chin, a face full of strength, character and feminine beauty, presenting a woman in the nebulous uncertainty of late-twenties to late thirties. Her voice is crisp, strong and clear, an alto with the snap of natural authority.

She is currently wearing a deep midnight blue bodysuit which rises up to a collar surrounding her neck, leaves her shoulders bare, and covers her torso and hips, emblazoned with a broad golden lightning bolt starting at a point near her left shoulder, down to the right of her chest and stretching across from right to left, and continuing down and across at an angle to a point at her waist on the right. A domino mask of similar material covers around the eyes and some of the top of her face without really obscuring her features. Long, sleek mid-bicep gloves cover each hand and arm, and sleek mid-thigh boots cover each foot and leg. A wide deep crimson sash wraps around the upper curve of her hips twice, and dangles from her right side in two long tails that reach nearly to her ankles.


Your eyes meet a rather typical American 20 something woman. From top to bottom, while she isn't a supermodel, she is still rather lovely in her own right. Golden blonde locks cascade down from her head to the middle of her back. Big blue eyes are easily contrasted to the her lightly tanned skin. She is squeaky clean for a change and seems like it is a confidence boost for her as she holds herself a little higher. Her cute nose rests above her full lips and small mouth perfectly.

Looking down over her body, she is quite feminine. Standing just about 5'6", she is not as skinny as a rail. In fact, she seems to have just enough pudge on her to give her a very nice shape. She is has a large bust which narrows softly into her midsection and then flares out into her hips. Her legs are long and nice.

She is currently wearing a blue Camisole top which leaves her belly button exposed. A matching blue circle skirt wraps around her waist and goes down to just above her knees. On her feet she is wearing a pair of flip flops all in all giving her a nice, comfortable appearance.

Begin SceneEdit

The passage of a costumed, flying metahuman remains something commented on by many around New York, but it isn't so outlandish that it immediately stops traffic. And in some cases, repeated exposure tends to reduce the reactions even moreso. An example would be the Starbucks on the ground floor of one of the Midtown East skyscraper buildings, frequently a spot catching the attention of the Fantastic Four and the Justice League. In this particular case, however, the visitor du jour floats down from directly above them, alighting handily and strolling in, placing her order and coming back out with steaming coffee in hand. Ms. Marvel has been up for quite a while, and has decided on a caffeinated pick-me-up. The tall blonde nods to a few passersby amiably enough, not quite ready to head back into the sky to continue her efforts. The paperwork awaiting her on the sixtieth floor is the kind of droll and boring stuff she'd rather push off than go face, frankly. Independent superherodom has its consequences.

The evening was a mostly quiet one for a change, a much needed change for a person in Melody's shoes. Given her recent turn of events, she was thrilled to just be able to breathe the free air of New York City. The young blonde slowly walks towards the starbucks herself. She needs to wake up as she has spent the past 8 hours asleep. Who wouldn't? After the long walk from the south side of Gotham to the I-95, she was overjoyed for her unexpected ride with the infamous Batman. Still everything took its toll and she knew she had a long night ahead of her. Quietly she stepped forward to the clerk and ordered her cappuccino and goes to take a seat. As she sits, the chair gives way, sending her straight to the floor.

Hearing the moment of commotion behind her, the pausing Ms. Marvel turns around, glancing at the blonde who just got dumped on the floor thanks to an unfortunate issue with a failed chair. And something about the other woman clicks in Carol's mind. She walks back into the Starbucks and heads over, offering a hand to the girl on the floor. "Hey there. You OK?" she questions, before turning her had briefly towards the counter. "Jake, can we get someone out here to pick up the mess? Thanks."

The blonde happily accepts the hand up and is back on her feet relitively quick. "Thank you, I am ok. It didn't really hurt. I have never had that happen before." She looks at the mess then at herself. "Do I look like I could break a chair? what kind of second rate third world forth class manufacturer do you get these chairs from!" She sighs and shakes her head, mumbling to herself, "Can this week get any crazier for me?"

"Manufacturing defects can happen to anyone." Carol assures the young woman, trying to soothe her upset, even as someone does come out from behind the counter to help gather up the broken bits of the chair and get rid of them, then sweep up any remaining bits. That leaves Melody to try another chair - it's not as if they keep spares in back for situations like this. "Well, your week started with a giant magical robot thing in Central Park. So I'm guessing probably not, though I don't entirely know what filled the middle."

"You haven't heard about really bad accident on I-95 between Manhattan and Gotham?" Melody sighs thinking about it. She still can't remember much about the whole ordeal. Technically there is just no way she should be able to be up and about at this point. "I was driving down to Gotham to see a friend and long story short, Clowns with guns, Radio active waste, armored car hauling gemstones." She doesn't go into great detail about it. She was informed of the person with the camera taking pictures so as far as she knows she was either on the front page of the Bugle or Youtubes hot vid.

Ms. Marvel just shakes her head. "Nope. I haven't heard a thing about it. But it sounds fascinating. And definitely like your week hasn't been slow." Carol's hasn't been hang-dog and dragging, but it hasn't been quite that exciting for the latter half, at least not yet. "Radioactive waste, though? That's pretty dangerous stuff." Even to Carol, that's stuff not to be messed with, apparently.

Melody nods, "some clowns in a van apparently tried to hijack an armored car. They cut off a the truck hauling the waste. The load shifted and a barrel came loose. they shot at the armored car and blew out a tire. the doors came open. The barrel came off the truck as the two vehicles side swiped each other. I got coated in waste and covered in gemstones." She sighs looking for another seat to sit in. She takes one and with a loud crack, she goes straight to the floor again.

Carol is quick enough - and close enough, and paying attention - and is able to grab Melody before she falls all of the way. But the chair is a lost cause. "OK. How about we don't try that again? This isn't a case of a bad chair, this is the new you, and something you'll need to think about and adjust to." Carol offers, trying to be supportive. "Jake, I'm sorry. We're going to need another pick-up. And can you do me a favor and ring up two chairs and bring me the tab? Thanks." Just that simple, and Ms. Marvel steps into the breach to help. "Why don't we go find a nice, solid block of concrete wall to sit on, and you can tell me all about it?"

Melody frowns and looks around trying to see if there is anyone watching. After a few moments she is content that no one is and makes her second attempt at controlling her new abilities. A shiny blue liquid comes out of the palm of her hand and rapidly takes the shape of a small stool just high enough to be able to sit at the table normally. Its not fancy. Not even pretty. Its just enough to get the job done. It solidifies almost instantly looking much more like traditional diamond. "why its nicer in here?"

Carol arches an eyebrow at that and then shrugs. "Maybe so. But I didn't have a seating alternative that wasn't going to collapse on you." At least, Ms. Marvel thinks, this girl didn't have to deal with memories that are not her own, or a dual psyche and no knowledge of her powers as she adapts to the changes in her life. And apparently her stuff is easy to start learning. A bonus. "So ... I take it there were side-effects to your encounter with the radioactive waste and the gems?"

Melody sits down on her make-shift stool. It wobbles a little bit as this is her first one she has ever made. "This one seems to work." She giggles softly like its a bit inside joke. "Side effects... yes a few." She leans closer to Carol and speaks at little more then a whisper. "Well my bone structure got turned into diamond, I can apparently heal really fast, and I can generate a sort of bio diamond that isn't any different then the real thing." She sits back up and takes a long sip of her cappuccino, as if she would need it at this point having broken two chairs and hit the floor once.

Ms. Marvel sits easily and comfortably in a normal Starbucks chair, apparently without any need to be concerned for the furniture. Well, other than her thighs perhaps trying to stick to the chair in her costume, but she's apparently not concerned about that either. "Well. OK." Diamond bone structure? She wonders if it is flexible enough, but this might not be the place to ask those questions, and the girl may not know yet. It can wait. "That's going to take some adjusting, I'm sure." And likely some adaptation of dietary requirements to 'feed' that altered biology, she's guessing. Jake comes over with a bill, and Carol just fishes out the card she used earlier. "Just run it, Jake. I trust you. And thanks."

Melody nods her head. "Yes I know. Its so weird. Yesterday I had a doctor trying to keep me in a sleep state so he could make money off of the stuff I make. I sorta made a shield to stop him from sticking me again." The young lady attempts to get comfortable but lets face it, her seat wasn't exactly made for comfort. She shrugs it off and drinks down the rest of her cappuccino. "Its just a real shock for me. I figured out what I need to do to make things but I don't have much control over it yet. I don't really know why I am breaking chairs either. I mean I don't feel like I gained any weight. Do I look it?"

Carol shakes her head. "No. But if your earlier description is accurate, I would imagine that diamond is much more dense than bone or normal tissue, so your mass has likely increased significantly without increasing your volume. You aren't any 'bigger', but you are heavier. And likely less forgiving due to the inflexibility of diamond." Ms. Marvel is trying not to think about the potential monetary value of the stool that Melody is so uncomfortably perched upon right now. Egad. Economies of scale are going to collapse for all time at this rate. The one benefit she can see is that blood diamonds will be utterly useless.

Melody sighs softly. "So much for trying to take off those extra pounds I guess." She begins to think about what Carol said concerning the inflexability of diamond. As she considers it, she stands up and puts her hand on the stool. It turns to a blue liquid and is withdrawn back into her body. "Ok well... I guess the only way I will be able to find out how flexible this new situation is, would be to have you hit me."

Ms. Marvel does not stand up. But she does take a long sip of her coffee as a delaying tactic, unwilling to respond right off. When she does, it's a simple shake of the head. "You want me to what? Excuse me?"

Melody looks at Carol, making sure she isn't taking a sip of coffee this time. "I want you to hit me. I need to find out just how flexable my bone structure is. I figure if you hit me hard as you can, I can find out how much give my new frame has."

Ms. Marvel just shakes her head. "Honey, I don't hit people for kicks. If I screw up, you could be dead." Melody should know that Carol is no lightweight, and her punches could be devastating. "Better idea would seem to be to get you evaluated by some advanced technology used to measure metahumans. Something like Reed Richards' labs. Or the JLA resources." Or the X-Men and their Danger Room and medical scanners, but they're a secret, so to speak, and Carol doesn't mention them aloud.

Melody sighs, "I understand I guess I am just more of a risk taker then I should be. Ms. M, I am just really curious about all that happened to me. I mean lets face it, by all rights I shouldn't be out of the hospital."

Carol nods. "I get it. I do understand, believe me. But I don't want a search for understanding to turn into crippling or killing you. And I don't think I want to try punching you in here, either." If Melody were to survive a super-punch from Ms. Marvel, she'd likely go flying, and in here that could be devastating. They've done enough damage here for one day. "Why don't we compromise? I'll take you somewhere we can safely work on some experiments to help you start to gauge things. How does that sound?"

Melody smiles, "That would be lovely, though I think that Batman had the same idea though I have no idea what he was coming up with." She grins, "Still I am just happy to be out and about doing some things. I mean really, I had some doctor trying to pull one over on me. I am lucky Catwoman had stopped by to check up on me. She seen the whole mess."

Ms. Marvel does find it rather interesting, the number of heros and others that seem to have been drawn to this young woman in short order. But that does seem to happen to almost anyone who gets 'connected' to the superheroic scene in one way or the other. Look at poor Alfred, for pity's sake. "I've worked with Batman. He knows what he is doing, and has had to make a science of evaluating and measuring metahumans and powers, given he himself has none." Catwoman? Really?

Melody nods slowly, "I hardly think I have a super power. I mean its just diamonds after all. If anything I could make a fortune selling my body to science after I pass on." She nods again as she listens to what Ms.M says about Batman. "He seems really to the point... and full of some more umm.. colorful.. analogies." Her mind drifts back to the spitting factoid that she was given and shakes her head in disgust.

"You are able to do things no normal human can do. That's the definition of super power." Carol offers simply enough as they prepare to depart. "Whether you end up using that to become a superhero, a vigilante, or a super-villain ... or just try to keep it quiet and get back to your life, that's up to you." Obviously, Ms. Marvel has an opinion. But she's not shoving it forward. "I'm sure you wanted to get out of the hospital, so maybe going to a lab to get you evaluated would make you uncomfortable? We could go to a sort of ... well. A 'super gymnasium', instead? A safe place with advanced monitoring. Then we can try whatever, learn a lot from everything we try. And no lab coats, no needles. How does that sound?"

At the moment, Ms. Marvel - in costume - is walking out of a Starbucks on the first floor of a skyscraper, side by side with an apparently normal young woman, chatting. It happens to be the building in which Carol lives now.

Melody smiles at that idea, "That sounds really good actually. Don't get me wrong, hospitals don't bother me. Its just They kept me asleep for so long even though I wasn't really in pain. I mean last night I woke up a few times because I really was hurting for a while but they tried to keep me in that state of sleep." Frustration crosses her face. The very thought of being made to sleep again by that doctor causes her eyes, once an intoxicating green but now a deep blue, to shimmer as a diamond would.

Ms. Marvel turns the two of them to the sidewalk heading vaguely in the direction of a certain mansion, where such facilities can be had. As a reservist with the League and a charter member, she has full access to their facilities and resources if she needs them, and she considers helping Melody a worthwhile reason to ask nicely by showing up at the front door and giving Jarvis a big hug. "Right. So no sleeping pills. Got it." she offers, understandingly. She has had her own nightmares with certain medical professionals and situations, and she doesn't wish any of that on another woman. Not at all. "So, do you mind if I ask what you do normally?" She's curious to know more about Melody.

Melody snickers, "you mean when I am not getting doused in diamonds and radioactive waste?" She smirks at her silly comment feeling awefully good to make light of such a horrible situation. "I work at a factory a over in Queens. I live in the Kitchen though. I am a Technician at work, I keep machines in order. I am actually on leave right now. They cant exactly expect me to work when I was just in an accident. Of course they think I am still radioactive. I am definitely not." She smiles, keeping up with Ms. Marvel.

"I'd say not." Ms. Marvel offers. She has always had an awareness of things like that. If Melody were radioactive, she'd be a threat to everyone's health and safety, and those strange Kree-imprinted instincts of hers would tell her to take action. They haven't, so she's sure Melody is relatively safe around people. "Take the time off while you can get it. It'll help later if you decide to keep it all under wraps." If she finds it odd that Melody lives in Manhattan and commutes over to Queens to work, she says nothing about it. Then again, the perspective of a flying superheroine on such matters is likely a tad skewed. "So you're a mechanical tech. Interesting." And pardon Carol while she considers how that might play into the developing power to shape things out of organic diamond.

Melody shakes her head, "I don't really think it will be possible for me to go back to my old life. At least not without major surgery to have my skeleton switched to a lighter substance. I mean how is a woman my size going to explain breaking chairs or carrying around a spray painted diamond stool everywhere she goes?" She giggles as she listens. "Yes i excelled in math and science in school and my father taught me how to do a bunch of other things too."

Ms. Marvel pauses for a moment as Melody speaks of her life before all of this happened. Somehow, the mention of a father being so supportive of his daughter's interests and aspirations plucks a string with her, but only vaguely. Everything back that far is pale and empty, a hollowed out shell of what it should be emotionally speaking. "I excelled in math and science too. Then I joined the Air Force. Piloting is all about the angles of incidence and the physics of flight." That, guts, and sheer instinct. "I assure you, there are ways to adapt and adjust. Don't make any permanent decisions just yet." Carol reaches to her hip and fishes out the very slim cellular phone she has tucked away there, flipping it open and dialing a number. Time to reach out to a friend still active in the League to ask about accessing the gymnasium.

Melody stays quiet allowing Ms. Marvel to contact her friend. The young woman gives thought to what was said. To someone like her who just can't stay out of trouble it would be hard for her to not do something. She has been given this awesome gift, the concept of leaving it behind, never to use it seems like a truly squandered thing. How can a person who faced death and survived throw away a second chance to live?

Ms. Marvel walks quietly for a bit, clearly waiting for the person at the other end of this call to pick up, if they can. Whether it is that she finally gets an answer, or gets an answering service, she finally speaks. "J'onn. It's me. I've met someone who could use a chance for some clear measurements. I was wondering if you would be free to meet me at the Mansion?"

On the phone, The Martian Manhunter responds: "I am currently free. I will rendevoux with you there and we can use the training simulators."

Melody walks with Ms. Marvel, even though the place they are going is top of the line and she isn't going to another hospital, she still seems a bit antsy. Almost like even though its not doctors this time, she is going to be under the microscope. It does no good to evesdrop on the conversation at hand, she has no idea who Ms. M is talking to, let alone where they are going.

After her brief phone call elicits a response, Ms. Marvel nods. "Thanks, we're about ten minutes out, on foot. See you there." She clicks and then flips the phone closed, tucking the very thin device away under the sash around her hips. Then she turns towards Melody with a smile. "That was a friend of mine from the League. He'll meet us at the Mansion, and we can use their facilities to get you some idea of what's happening to you, and what you're capable of." The rest is just walking, hoofing it across Midtown.

Melody nods her head as she steps lightly across Midtown. It seems a bit strange to her that she has made this sort of walk before. She would be huffing and puffing by about this point but she wasn't right now. She closes her eyes just trying to figure things out.

By the time they arrive, J'onn is there waiting patiently for them in the foyer. He is in his public Martian form and Manhunter uniform, assuming that his guests would expect his apearance and not be startled. "Ms. Marvel," he greets in that deep, sonorous voice befure turning to her companion. "I am J'onn J'onzz. A pleasure to meet you."

Truth is, Carol isn't the best people person in the universe. But she is introspective enough herself to recognize when someone else needs to think, and does not interrupt Melody's quiet time with inane chatter. She's here to talk if the other woman wants, but not until then. As such, they arrive as quiet as they have spent most of their trip. Ms. Marvel is in costume, making her easy to recognize. Melody is in civilian garb at her side. Carol rings the bell, and greets Jarvis warmly but respectfully when he answers the door. "J'onn is expecting us, Jarvis." Of course, he smiles indulgently, already well aware of that fact, and ushers them into the foyer, where they encounter the jolly green Martian himself. "Good to see you again, J'onn." she offers, letting Melody introduce herself - or not - as she sees fit.

Melody smiles, trying not to stare at the strange looking man, "I am umm.. Melody. Melody Fortuna. Nice to meet you Mr. Jonz." She looks up at the mansion and is awestruck at the shear size of it. She had seen Tony Stark on the tv a few times at this very mansion and it was safe to believe that the tv didn't do it justice. "This place us huge!" She exclaims sounding almost like a fangirl.

"It is quite large for a dwelling place," J'onn conceeds amiably. "However, to house an entire team, in addition to our training equipment, workshops, laboratories, and monitors, it is only of moderate size. We are grateful, of course, to Mr. Stark for providing us with such accomodations, and Iron Man for requesting them. Now, Miss Fortuna, what abilities are you manifesting that require testing?"

Melody gets a slightly confused look on her face. She looks at Ms. Marvel as she has seen some of the situation. "Please, Ms. Marvel. I am a little shy." Her face flushes red in embarrassment. Some super powered person she is. Can't even handle discussing everything with the Super heroes trying to help her.

Ms. Marvel fills in as best she can to help out. "Recent incident involving radioactive waste of unspecified nature, and gems. She has apparently exhibited an altered bone morphology, organic diamond or something close to it. Accelerated healing of some fashion, and the ability to extrude and recall a liquified, quick-solidifying material related to the same, shaping it to her will." Everyone get that? She gives Melody a smile and a nod, as reassuring as she can manage. "No problem." To J'onn, she then explains, "I'd like to help her get a handle on what she can do, what the side-effects and consequences are, how she can compensate for those to lead as normal and subtle a life as possible at her choice, and what her potential might be, including self-defense." That sum everything up clearly?

"I see," J'onn says, nodding. "We have numerous facilities available, of course. Please, walk with me." He turns and begins walking down a nearby coridoor. "Spontaneous generation of matter is a remarkable ability, but it has certain pitfalls. The mass has to come from somewhere, so it can have detrimental effects on the physical body, or possibly be countered by a hyperactive metabolism that processes more fuel than the human body normally requires. Tell me, Miss Fortuna, how much of this 'organic diamond' are you able to extrude at any given time, and how do you feel afterwards?"

Melody opens up a little bit and speaks up to J'onn. "So far, the most I have 'extruded' was a little bit ago, I think it was about 5 lbs of material. I made a stool because I broke 2 of starbucks chairs." She blushes all over again as she is not proud of breaking things, especially not chairs when last she checked she wasn't a skinny mini but she wasn't huge either. "I felt fine. It didn't bother me in the least to be honest." She keeps pace with J'onn and Ms.Marvel as she stays behind them. She doesn't know her way around this place and would not want to wonder off and get lost. "I did eat a good bit more last night. More then usual. I mean I am not proud to admit that but it just felt like I was so hungry. As if on top of keeping me unconscious, they weren't feeding me in the hospital."

Ms. Marvel frowns. "There was an incident related to the medical care she received after the incident. A doctor who was keeping her in a drug-induced coma and using her extrusion for profit, apparently." That much she knows, and no more. J'onn might have better luck with a JLA computer check.

"I may need to check and see what drug regimen he was using," J'onn muses as he heads into a large infirmary with several high-technology and unfamiliar machines. "If your metabolism is indeed heightened, it would require a strong and near-constant dosing to keep your body from burning through the drugs. It seems likely, as heightened healing was mentioned earlier. My apologies, by the way, for your misfortune," he adds sincerely to Melody.

Melody nods slowly, "Well it was not exactly a thrill ride, The only thing I truly remember of the accident was the clowns. I sorta wish I didn't remember them but they had guns and were shooting." She shakes it off. Almost as if the memories were trying to come back but couldn't quite make it. "If things were as bad as I have been told, I am just happy to be alive. Its not every day a person comes out scratch free from being doused in Radioactive waste right?"

"Not every day, no." Ms. Marvel comments. Pardon her, she doesn't mean to be quite so droll. It's an occupational hazard. "Apparently Bats and his sometimes feline cohort know a little bit about some of this, though how much I'm not sure."

"I will speak to them later," J'onn says, nodding. "Conduct a full investigation into the matter." He heads to a computer bank and begins to type quickly, pulling up Melody's full medical history. Hey, JLA computers with government-granted Top Secret clearance rock. "Ah, there it is," he says quietly, quickly reading the file and finding a specific bit of information. "The radiation appears to have sparked a sudden metagene expression, though it is possible she had a latent X-gene before the incident. Life or death sitations sometimes have that effect. Miss Fortune, if you would be so kind as to stand in the middle of the room there, under the scanner." He gestures to a spot marked by a painted circle on the floor, directly under what appears to be a high-tech stalactite.

"Catwoman was there, She tried to fight with the clowns. It could have been a lot worse if she wasn't there." Melody opens her eyes remembering seeing her on the van now. She moves over to the circle and looks at J'onn, "It's Fortuna. Not Fortune." She giggles. And tries to be as still as possible. "I thought that I wasn't going to be lab tested!"

"Well, I promised no needle-poking. This is just a scanner. Hopefully not as bad." Ms. Marvel offers, as reassuringly as she can manage. Which admittedly is not much. There are much better 'soothing' and 'mothering' figures in and around the League. Carol was never one of those.

"Merely a preliminary scan for our own records," J'onn says reassuringly. "It is non-invasive and all information gathered will be classified for JLA eyes only." He presses a series of buttons and the tip of the scanner begins to glow. Within seconds, Melody is enveloped by a transparent holographic sphere that rotates slowly while various points on the sphere glow and blink. "The scanner is currently analyzing your molecular composition and comparing your genetic data to the human baseline for your age, ethnicity, and geographic region." J'onn doesn't mention that he is using his own x-ray and microscopic vision to double-check the scanner's results, focusing particularly on her bone structure. After a moment, the sphere disappears and the scanner light goes out. "There, scan finished."

Melody watches as the machine scans her, half in amazement at the technology, half anticipating it to do something other then what its meant to do. "This is wild, why doesn't anyone else have something like this?" Curiousity, one of her own curses that flows right with her own misplaced courage. She remembers the Underworlder that was trying to kill the other superheroine she had met. The foolhardiness of how she engaged it even though she had no business doing it. The finishing touch she put on it and how getting a woman pregnant would be the furthest thing on his mind for quite a while. "That was quick!"

Ms. Marvel shrugs. "The honest truth is that there are quite a few League members with access to non-human science and technology, and several more that are amongst the brightest, most brilliant minds in the world. Together, they tend to manage quite a lot that isn't for public consumption, technologically speaking." And then there's the captured supertech of the villains.

"Indeed," J'onn says, confirming Ms. Marvel's words. "Also, most of our technology is unfit for mass production. While this scanner could indeed be a great boon to the medical community, it is unfortunately not cost-effective enough to be practical." He turns to read the scan results being displayed on a nearby monitor. "Your bone structure is quite unique. It appears to be crystalline in nature, many times denser than normal human bone. You may find yourself with some enhanced strength as your body adapts to the weight and stress resistance. Not superhuman by any means, but stronger than you were before. There appear to be no detrimental effects from the crystalline skeleton, so you do not need to worry about anemia."

"Wow! The best and the brightest. I think I would be a bit lost amoung them. I usually just make what I am asked to make when it comes to work and the like." Melody nods and walks to the monitor to see her insides. "I suppose the next step would be to test to see if my new skeletal structure is flexable enough to handle normal every day risks. I mean this 'is' New York, I would hate to get bumped by some cab and end up with a shattered leg or something." She snickers at the concept but knows it could be rather realistic.

Ms. Marvel nods. "Do you have a reading on her overall mass, J'onn, and a comparison to what it would have been with normal bone? Is she heavy enough for that to have accounted, alone, for the destruction of the chairs today?"

"Just a second, let me run a comparison." J'onn types some more, bringing up a new screen. "It would account for it. She currently weighs at around 300lbs, most of which is due to her super-dense crysalline skeleton. According to my readings, the new bones are in all ways equal to or superior to normal bone. They provide the same ease of movement, but can take a great deal more stress or pressure without breaking or fracturing."

Melody smiles upon the hearing this. "Well at least I don't have to worry about that problem. I guess it would be the concentration of the weight rather then the displacement it would have in a larger person." She sighs softly. "So much I need to get adjusted to now. I don't think I could go back to my old life if I tried at this point."

"I'm sure that if you wanted to, we could help you to accomplish that, Melody. The choice is yours." Ms. Marvel comments.

"There is nothing preventing you from living out your old life," J'onn states firmly. "You merely have to become accustomed to your new advantages and disadvantes. Humans are resilient and adaptable, and that includes you. If you wish for further help developing your abilities, there are a number of experts on the subject." He telepathically speaks the word «Westchester.» to Melody.

Melody gets a bit of a dizzy feeling from being spoken to through telepathy but understands. She gives a look to both J'onn and Ms. Marvel. "What do you think I should do?" She sighs softly and her eyes are drawn to the floor. "For the first time in my life I see why you all do what you do. It was my butt on the line, My life was in the balance and someone came to my rescue. Even if it was someone as unlikely as Catwoman. Sure something bad happened to me. I can't in good conscience turn my back it. To bury this gift would be to take the life that was returned to me and flush it down the toilet." She really isn't trying to monologue. "I just can't see myself trying to be normal when I know now I am capible of so much more."

"Well, we're not suggesting you turn your back on it, Melody. But a great many people with gifts find a way to continue the life they led while /adding/ to it based on their capabilities." Ms. Marvel offers. "Some call it maintaining a 'secret identity'. Me? I always viewed it simply as continuing to live like a person and remain connected to what it means to be normal and human and part of society, to better understand what we're working for and trying to protect." Then again, remember - for those who know - that Ms. Marvel got into this as a former Air Force Colonel and CIA operative. Her perspective is a tad different. "There would be nothing wrong with finding a way to continue the life you led, without tipping people off to what has changed, and then meanwhile work out how to understand your new capabilities, perfect them, and use them as a tool to make things different in the world around you."

"And remember, there is no need to make a decision right now," J'onn adds. "Simply keep in mind that you do have options, and while life may be different from now on, there is no reason it cannot be as fulfilling or familiar as the ones you have been leading thus far."

Melody looks at Ms. Marvel, "I know its a town but, what is Westchester and why does it feel like that name was pounded into my head with a sledge hammer?" She looks between the two hoping for a straight forward answer. "Also is there a way to find out how much of an impact I can take?"

"Westchester is a town in upstate New York." Ms. Marvel answers easily enough. But she didn't do any brain-pounding. "Beyond that, it is also where a particular individual makes his home, and his mission to help those with special gifts find a way to co-exist in society. He is a friend, and one I imagine J'onn has dealt with often enough to think of you were having difficulty figuring out what to do, that man might be able to help you. J'onn is a Martian, and thusly telepathic." Which would also be another reason why he would know of Xavier.

"Indeed. My apologies, I did not mean to put such emphasis on the message," J'onn says, smiling ruefully. "But yes, I have encountered Charles Xavier. I have not pried into his business, since I am by nature more concentrated on extraterrestrial matters than mutant, but I know that he is a good man and a strong voice for the rights of those with strange abilities."

Melody tilts her head, "The X-men. Professor Xavier. Is that where they base themselves?" Smiles at gaining this information. "I think I am going to need to make a little road trip. I believe I will leave some of my diamond at the apartment for my roommate to keep up the rent and then I will be making a roadtrip, Even if I have to walk it. I need to learn to control this and I want to be able to make a difference." Sh turns to J'onn and smiles, "It's ok, I just haven't exactly been spoken to telepathically before."

OK. So the girl knows about the X-Men? And the Professor? Will wonders never cease? Ms. Marvel shrugs. Who knew? "No need to walk. The train is a smooth, easy, inexpensive ride and will get you all the way to Salem Center. From there it's only about three miles."

J'onn begins to reply, but a loud insistent beep sounds from a nearby monitor. He frowns and checks the screen. "My apologies, ladies, but duty calls. There is an emergency that requires my presence." He presses a button. "Jarvis will be by shortly to show you out and arrange transportation if necessary. If you need further help, please do not hesitate to call upon us again."

Melody nods, "Thank you for your help J'onn" She returns her attention to Ms. Marvel"I used to live in upstate New York. I was actually born not far from Westchester and the Proffessor was pretty regular on the news. I mean not much else happens up there, so why wouldn't a big name figure like him draw some attention. I always admired how he took care of young people who would need it. I guess now I am finding out that they were a bit different huh?" She smiles thinking about it. "I guess I should make the diamonds then huh?"

"Well, you said you wanted to learn more about your limits. So why don't we head to the gymnasium now, and we can start figuring that out, one step out a time. The scanners will measure things, while we experiment." Ms. Marvel offers. She nods to J'onn. "Good luck. It was good to see you again."

Melody nods with a smile but then a slight look of fear crosses her face, "I am going to regret asking about this when all is said and done, aren't I?" She smiles again but its a shallow one. One that is more out of nerves then anything else. "Is there any advice you can give me?"

"Yep. Don't be brave. If it hurts, say something right away. If it feels 'wonky' or 'weird', speak up. Your body is going to be the first to know something is wrong, not the last." Ms. Marvel offers, reassuringly, as she guides Melody to the gymnasium, which honestly looks more like a Star Trek holodeck than anything else. "Computer, initiate scanners, please. Attune to Melody and run a continuing comparison to her current readings as a baseline." the taller blonde comments. "Now. You wanted to know what you could withstand. Do you still want to start with that? We'll work our way up slowly and see how far you can go, if you want to do that."

The very concept of not being brave rubs against her nature. Even when Melody didnt have anything special about herself save her old baton knowledge, she couldn't run away. She looks at the floor a moment then her eyes look up to Ms. Marvel. "Yes. Lets start there. No better place to start to me." Her tone is sincere and confident almost as if she were a different person then was walking down the hallway.

Of course, Carol isn't talking about that kind of brave. "Remember: this isn't a real fight. This is a test. We need accuracy and understanding. The bravery comes later, in a crisis, when it hurts and you don't let that stop you. OK?" That said, Ms. Marvel gets started. First up? A normal punch. She has to start somewhere. She's not even throwing her hips into it yet. But she will. One step at a time. The computer even gives a running commentary on the pounds per square inch force of each strike. How helpful.

Melody stands ready. She has never been struck before like this before, never in a fist fight. Even a test one. Still she braces for the impact and lets it happen. She feel the hit against her face and her head follows through with it. She stands up and shakes it off. Her soft face turns red from the impact but rapidly turns its normal skintone again. "That wasn't so bad."

"OK. The time-lapse photography and readings will give us better information on your rapid healing. But let's avoid the face from now on, just in case. Ready?" Ms. Marvel asks, and then delivers another blow, this time putting her hips into it, and aiming for the body.

Melody takes the hit and winces lightly. Whatever pain came with that hit though vanishes almost as quickly as the hit itself. "Ok that hurt a little bit but it wasn't bad. I can handle it. Its just because I haven't really been in a fight before so I don't really know if there is a right way to take a hit."

"Well, if you want I'll show you how to better take a hit. But let's continue for a bit. Just ... stay aware, OK?" Ms. Marvel offers, and ramps things up, now using all of her body's normal strength - not superhuman - and her best force and martial focus. It'll turn out about two to two and a half times as strong as the last shot, again to the midsection.

The hit sends Melody to the ground with a grunt. "Yikes, Was this one of my better ideas or what?" She gets to her feet after her little quip. "This is so weird. I feel like I did before we started, like nothing had been done." She gets ready again but this time she seems a bit more prepared. Her stance is definitely improving as she gets ready for things to get a bit uglier.

Ms. Marvel continues this process, first carefully modulating a strike to increase force by two to three times that of the previous strike, then helping Melody back up to her feet after each fall. Before long, the blows are going to start propelling Melody away from the shot, which is when the wisdom of doing this in a controlled environment comes up, as the gymnasium is augmented with tenser fields which grab Mel and keep her from being thrown into a wall. This will continue for quite a while given Ms. Marvel's strength and skill, as she can get all the way up to over one hundred tons of force, moving at beyond the speed of sound, and deliver it to - and through - a space two inches square. But in the process, Melody is almost sure to discover her limits, and the challenges that will lie ahead. They will stop when indicators prove they are nearing breaking one of those lovely crystalline ribs of hers. That would be bad.

Melody takes the hits in stride, everyone of them getting stronger and stronger. Every bit of damage fading almost as quickly as the strikes themselves. As the the force of the strikes move into the tons range, she spits a little blood but is 100 percent within seconds. Every hit getting stronger, doing more damage but somehow she is handling it. Finally at about 50 tons of pressure on impact, a loud crack is heard as one of her ribs gives way. She drops to the floor wincing in pain.

And Ms. Marvel stops, stooping to gently help Melody up. "OK. We're not going any further. That was a rib, and two others are showing stress microfractures. Now ... I want you to try something for me. Close your eyes. Envision yourself. Imagine your bones ... that you can feel them. Feel the bio-crystal in them. Now ... grow some of that stuff, like you did with the stool. Shore up the ribs, and re-solidify them." Is she serious about this? Sounds insane, right?

Melody stands up ready to go again. "That one hurt but I think everythings normal again. I don't feel any pain now. When it you hit it really did but right now, Its like I could take another of those." She does as she is told and focus on her own skeletal structure. Her ribs become stronger then before. Much stronger. Her individual ribs now look more like a sheet of diamond. Thicker then the individual ribs. "This hurts a little but I think its ok. I do feel heavier right now."

"Makes sense, you've just generated more of that super-dense crystal to shore up your ribs. OK. Now ... steady yourself. Are you really sure you want to keep going?" Carol won't say no. But continuing could be very dangerous, and she does not want to do so recklessly.

Melody takes a deep breath. The goal is to find her limits. She would much rather push things all the more here and now, where if anything horrible that could happen can be quickly tended to. "Lets do this. Its better to do this here and now then if I ever get into a situation where there is no help whatsoever."

Carol nods. "OK. It's your call. Ready ... ready ..." And then Ms. Marvel winds up, and in comes the punch, easily twice as powerful as the last blow. If Melody were not being snared by the tenser field, she'd have gone sailing quite a ways with that one. Pairing up Ms. Marvel's incredible strength with her tremendous speed and her martial training does make her an extremely formidable foe. It's not hard to see why she was a charter member of the League, and is a well-respected independent heroine. But apparently she has a heart that some people might have doubted.

Melody grunts as she is hammered. There is no cracking this time. She hits the floor but this time is up rather quickly. Her eyes seem to flash with their brilliant blue color. A smile crosses her face oddly as if something changed. For the first time she seems to realize that her life is much different now. Her readouts show that the reinforced ribcage is holding strong. She felt the pain yes. She felt everything within her jar but just as before, everything was fine.

Ms. Marvel nods. "The reinforcement worked. Good. OK. Take a deep breath, Mel. Let's try this again, if you're ready?" And again the Marvellous one winds up for the pitch, and hurls a mighty punch, again doubling the force she is delivering. Fastball to Westchester for sure, if not for the intervening walls and the Tenser field.

Thank heavens for both the field and the walls because the hit is with so much force that she sails backward and hits the wall before the field actually catches her. The combination of the two cause her to have the wind knocked out of her. Melody is a little slow to get up after that one. "Umm How much force was on that?"

Ms. Marvel runs across the room to snatch up Melody with concern over her injuries. "Ow. Sorry, looks like the Tenser field wasn't fast enough that time." Oops. "Uhm, the readouts say that was about ... half-a-million PSI." Yes. That would be about one-hundred tons of force delivered in the space of a square inch. "You OK?"

Melody is on her feet catching her breath. "I am fine. I think it might be a good idea to stop here. I am pretty sure I can take more of a hit but I really don't want t see Mr. Stark need to pay out for a new wall. She smiles at Ms. Marvel and asks, "How did I do?"

Ms. Marvel nods. "We can hold off, no problem. You did quite well. That's towards the upper spectrum of what some of the bigger powerhouses can take. Not quite tops, but getting there." What she doesn't say is that blows like that would throw even Ms. Marvel herself around more than a bit and leave marks. She'd heal, she'd keep fighting. But she wouldn't be fresh as a daisy after that one, no way. "And it looks like the healing is merely minutes at worst, as long as the bones stay solid. Pretty impressive."

Melody nods happily as she lets the reinforcement to her ribs desolve back into her system so her chest won't feel so heavy. She looks to Ms. Marvel, feeling a little better about the whole situation of going from ordinary to extraordinary. "Whats next?"

"Well," Ms. Marvel considers, and then speaks, "We know what degree of punishment you can take. I'd say the next thing to find out is how much you can dish out. Let's start with your punches. When you've done the best you can, we can work on shaping some weapons in the crystal and try using those. How does that sound?"

Melody smiles, "Ok sounds good. I don't have much experience with hand to hand combat though. I never really got the chance to learn any. The only fighting I have done was in the past week and that was to help a superhero who almost ended up dead. I couldn't let myself stand by and watch so I used some of the skill I gained from twirling a baton and a tire iron from what looked like a truck. I actually managed to do some damage with it. Not much but some."

"Well, let me help you get the most out of this you can, OK?" Ms. Marvel gives Melody a quick lesson in how to properly throw a punch with all of her weight, mass and momentum behind it. It'll be a lot stronger than mere muscle will allow. "Let's give it a shot."

Melody pulls back and punches, not really putting all she has into it. The cliche, punching like a girl, pretty much sums up how she throws the punch. At best it would just irritate someone though its a smidge harder then a normal punch like that. "Is that right?" She asks softly.

"Not quite, Mel. Hold on." It's a good thing Carol isn't shy. She moves along behind Melody, and holds onto her hands, guiding the other woman's feet with her feet, her hips with her own hips, as she leads her through the proper punching motion several times in slow motion. "Feel that? Feel how all of the power, speed and mass in your body coils up and then flows through from your toes up through your hips and explodes out through the arm? Think you can try that?"

Melody nods as she goes through the motions. "I think I can do it." She takes what she was just showed and does it a few times. She pushes herself a little bit to try to get it just right Every swing shows of more confidence as her form improves. "I can do this."

"Very good, Melody. Very good." The sensors will pick up the increases in PSI for each punch, until they get a solid reading. "OK. That looks to be about the best you're going to manage right now. More than nominal, what with your greater mass and your hands being stronger and heavier. But nowhere near your ability to take the blows. Now ... I want you to think about ... a bat. A baton. A crowbar. Make one out of the crystal. Then swing that." They'll work on swords later.

Melody nods and focuses the need and desire for weapon to swing. Slowly a long, somewhat thing ribbon of the blue fluid begins to flow out of her hand. It grows long, longer then a baton, much more like a staff. It starts to solidify and while it is a little bit curved at different spots, for the first time making something like this, its rather balanced. "How is this?" She hands the staff over to Ms. Marvel with a smile.

Ms. Marvel accepts it and twirls it about, showing she is apparently quite proficient. "This is good. Not absolutely perfect, but good. And a lot more solid than a normal staff would be. Now ... give that target a few good solid whacks, Melody." She offers it back, now.

Melody takes the staff and focuses in on the target dummy. As her hands hold the staff her thoughts drift back to the days of her childhood when she would twirl her baton. She begins swinging the staff around quickly becoming adjusted to the length and speed of the weapon. Within a matter of 3 seconds she has hit the target twice and not exactly gently. Another barrage of hits flurry in slamming the dummy and then she jumps in the air, much higher then she used to be able to jump and with a gut felt scream she brings the staff down hard on the neck and shoulder of the dummy as she lands in a split.

"Nice." Ms. Marvel comments. She appreciates effort and enthusiasm, and applauds lightly. "Good job." The readings for those shots flash on the hologram. "Now, let's try one more thing. You'll want to concentrate a bit first, form this one clearly in your mind. I want you to try to make a knife. A sword would be great, but a knife is enough for now. We're going to try to see how sharp you can make it, and how resilient it can be to penetrate armor."

"Ok this will be a little difficult." Melody begins to focus. The liquid diamond begins to flow from her hand taking a smaller form, its nothing flashy. A really simple design for a knife, little more then the tang of a blade and something in the shape of a knife but more like a butter knife, without its dull edge. It looks more like what a wooden knife would look like rather then a good one. and very blocky. No edge at all. She stops and looks at it. "Umm I don't think this is right."

Carol looks at that, and frowns. "OK. You tried. Now ... let's see." She glances up. "Computer, can you give me a holographic representation of a Viking dagger, please?" The image appears, layered light making it look quite real, despite having no mass. "OK. Now ... try re-shaping yours to match this. It may help your focus a bit." Or maybe not. But It cannot hurt to try, right?

Melody sighs, "I think I have an idea." She reabsorbs the sad excuse for a blade and begins to focus again. The image of one of the clowns that caused her accident comes to the forefront of her mind. The expression on her face changes to one of anger as braces herself as if she was about to fight a shadow of the past. The blue fluid flies out of both of her hands, both of them rapidly taking the shape of a pair of katanas. Both of them are set with a razors edge. They both solidify within a heartbeat as if she needed them that quick. She can feel them in her hands as she opens her eyes. "Wow!" Its the only word that can come out. The only word she can think. She hands them over to Ms. Marvel for inspection.

Ms. Marvel seems a tad startled. Not being a telepath - the one they had left, after all - she has no idea what Melody was envisioning that enabled her to accomplish that feat so quickly and so accurately. Nor does she know enough about the other woman's life history to understand how she would know the shape and form of katana so well that she could recreate them so quickly when a knife was completely beyond her ken. But she takes them nonetheless, giving them some experimental swipes and twirls to gauge their balance and true form. "Uhm. Wow." What more is there to say?

Melody looks at Ms. Marvel, her dazzling blue eyes wide in shock. "I um.. I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to do and the thought just sorta popped in there. I used to have a boyfriend who liked those old japanese movies and I always thought katanas were neat but I wasn't even thinking about them. I was just thinking about them and this thought popped into my head." Tears well up in her eyes as it becomes apparent that she believes she did something wrong.

Confused and more than a little out of her depth, Carol looks on helplessly. "Uh. Wait. I ..." Oh, fudgemuffins. "Mel? Melody ... what? Why ... " Some great superhero she is, Ms. Marvel can't really figure out how to deal with a sobbing woman. What'd she do to cause this? Instinct moves her closer, a hand on Melody's shoulder, the other reaching for the opposite forearm, halfway towards a hug, but she doesn't push it. She's just too confused to know what would be right here.

Melody hugs Ms. Marvel for a few minutes before finally pulling herself together. "I was thinking about the katanas and I could see the face of one of those clowns that caused my accident. It was so real like he was in front of me and I needed to deal with him before he did anything to me or anyone else. Next thing I knew I could feel the swords in my hands. I really don't know how I did it so fast. I am sorry I got so upset I just freaked myself out a bit."

Still feeling out of her depth, Ms. Marvel puts a brave face on it and smiles, withdrawing when the hugging episode is over. "OK. Feeling a little better?" she inquires, and listens. "Aright. Well ... that fits with most powers. Your emotions tie directly into the response of your body and the clarity and intensity of your abilities. The fear, concern and determination that memory brings out in you gave you the focus to create the swords from your memories. At least now I understand where they came from. Now ... I want you to take one of these back, and let's set up that test." Several pieces of armor will be wheeled in, set up, and prepared, so that Melody can take a good swing at each one and see what her swords can do. Fun, hunh?

Melody takes one of the swords and feels terrible awkward wielding it. She holds tight and takes a few swings. She puts a lot of effort into the swing. She over swings bit bringing the sword the whole way around and catches herself in the leg. Thankfully she had slowed it down quite a bit because it could have easily taken the leg off, assuming the diamond bone didn't stop it. She winces in pain. Lets face it, for as violent as the blows from Ms. Marvel were, they didn't cut her at all. Thankfully she watches as her leg heals up. The only pain that remains is a phantom memory of what it should feel like. She shakes it off. "I think I am ready."

Ms. Marvel nods. "OK. Remember what I showed you. Feel yourself, your balance, your energy, and direct as much of that through yourself and your arms as you can. Take one good swing at each piece. The computers and scanners will do the rest."

Melody nods slowly as she looks at the armor in front of her. Her heart races. So much so that she can hear it pounding in her ears. She forces that image of the clowns face to the front of her mind so she sees that instead of the armor. With a cry she uses the katana the same way she through the punches, turning it into an extension of herself. She brings it down hard on the armor, splitting it like a hot knife through butter. She takes the sword upward through the next piece of armor. She attacks the third one and gets about halfway through it and then lets a scream out as she takes the sword sideways through the last 2.

Melody manages to cut through all of the armors, save the sample of vibranium that is brought in. It's enough to prove to her and to Ms. Marvel just how sharp and resilient her blades can be. "Well, I think that makes it pretty clear, Melody. If you want to become a superheroine ... if that's a path you want for yourself ... you're going to have to learn how to fight well and safely with very, very sharp blades. And how not to kill unless you intend to do it." Which is, honestly, one of the biggest challenges most heroes face: how to fight, how to mean it, and how not to kill.

Melody nods slowly and lets the sword withdraw into her body. "It will take a lot of work but I think I am up to the challenge?" She takes the other sword and does the same with it. No point in leaving her diamond everywhere. "If I do this should I have some sort of alternative name or something. I mean it would be rather inconvenient to wonder around having people point saying, "Hey its Melody Fortuna, can we have some diamonds! We need money!" or "Hey Melody Freaktuna." I just really don't think it would be a good idea to use this name."

Ms. Marvel chuckles. "Well, most of us end up with a 'nomme de guerre' or a callsign or a codename or something, yes. 'Crystal' or 'Diamond' or even 'Carbonette'. or 'Jewel' or 'Gem'. I'm sure there are quite a few. If you think of one that suits you, use it. To be honest, I took mine from the man who gave me my powers. He was called Captain Mar-Vell, so I became Ms. Marvel. I've been Warbird, and I've been Binary. But I've always come back to Ms. Marvel, even though I don't really have a secret identity anymore. It's been a while."

Melody nods and thinks a few minutes about it. She thinks of how a diamond is rated in value. Clarity, cut style, number of facets. "Thats it! Facet. Its part of how a diamond is cut and taken from the rough form to something that people would go crazy for. So I think Facet would be a good code name. What do you think of that?" She smiles looking to Ms. Marvel for guidence.

Ms. Marvel just chuckles wryly and nods. "Sounds great to me, Facet. Just great." She didn't actually set out today to become mentor to a fledgling superheroine, but it looks like that's what she has accomplished. Not bad, of course, but unexpected. Not entirely in her comfort zone. But a certain magicienne made a comment about how being out of her comfort zone might be a good thing. Opinionated wench. Then again, Jen said that too.

Facet smiles "Well I suppose I should go home and pack up some things. It will take some explaining but I need to tell my roommate what is going on. I will give her a little bit of my diamond to keep the apartment while she looks for another roommate. Is there anything else I should do?" She laughs a bit. "It's funny really, I came to the city a few weeks ago looking to hold down a job and eventually go to school. Looks like I am going to school in a different fashion huh?"

Truth is, Ms. Marvel feels more than a little bewildered. But she does her best, as she always has. "Well, I'm still not sure that packing up and leaving is the right choice. But if that is what your instincts are telling you to do, then do it. Last thing I'd want is for you to stand at the end of a long road and look back with regrets for the path not taken. This is hard enough without that. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. Hopefully what you've learned here today will help you to decide what to do with what has become of you, to make a life the way you want it to be."

"I understand. I just thought that that was the best idea. To go and get properly trained there. Do you think I should stay in the city here and study?" Facet gives a curious look. There was something in Ms. Marvels voice almost like she wanted her to stick around or something. "I believe I have a lot to think about."

"You can get training any number of places, from any number of people or groups." Ms. Marvel explains. "I've always felt it best to think about what you want to accomplish, and then set out in that direction, letting what you want and how you want it guide the decisions you make to accomplish it. If something about the mission and the nature of the X-Men speaks to you, then going to them makes good sense. But if it's just that they have a school and teach, that's not the reason to go that way. There are those that can teach everywhere. The first question is: who do you want to be and how do you want to live? The second is, what do you feel you need to learn to be able to do that? The two together will better inform the decision of what teacher or teachers to seek out to help you achieve those things. But yes, a lot of thinking is definitely called for."

Facet nods slowly. "Its going to be really hard though. I don't know how I would balance training with schooling and work. I guess life really got a lot more complicated didn't it?" She just starts thinking a bit more about the best way to go about things. Wisdom is not her strong suit. Never was. She is quite intelligent but just doesn't know how to apply it to make tough decisions. "Its not like I have family to worry about. After I left home, they moved down south. Something about a warmer climate. I think they said Florida. ugh! Its so much easier reading a book and following directions then it is to make a decision like this."

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