Summary: The charity ball and date auction Selina has been planning finally takes place.
Location: Gotham Grande Hotel - Gotham
Participants: (will be added once I figure out all of who was there!)
Rating: G

The night Selina has been planning for months has finally arrived which has put her and the staff of the Gotham Grande Hotel on over-drive. Starting early this morning, the food was prepped and the decor set up, everything from tables and chairs to the huge lion statue put n their proper place. Since then, the band has arrived and warmed up and the servers and coat-check girls have been assigned to where they'll be fore the evening, leaving everything done and just in time.

As the sun begins to set over Gotham the room is bathed in that beautiful rosy-orange glow which Selina can not help but to smile over. Tonight's already promising to be one that will not be forgotten for many years.

This is going to be one heck of a party. As she's not performing, Zatanna Zatara has chosen an azure blue sheath dress, dark hair bound up and speckled with sapphire pins. She looks far more the celebrity and less the showperson...if that makes any sense. She moves into the room with a certain amount of quiet confidence nonetheless.

Amongst the many attendees arriving for this particular charity event, two arrive who are quite obviously sisters. The taller of the two, wrapped in a white one-shoulder cocktail dress, presents the invitations at the door and steps inside, eyes sweeping the room to examine the decor and those already present. "It would appear Ms. Kyle has done her best to outdo herself tonight." Diana observes to Donna, once the other nears her side again.

There's old money on the left, and new money to the right, and entering the room clad in black chiffon and amethyst beadwork is dirty money. The heiress to the Bertinelli family, and the fortune amassed through their mafia ties, is making a rare public appearance. Since returning to Gotham from Sicily in the Old Country, Helena hasn't made any big major public appearances, but seemed content to settle into the eccentric life of a school teacher. But for a good cause? Helena begins to circle through the arrivals, a shark in chiffon with a tight smile.

Even though Gotham wasn't usually her staple stomping grounds, Amy had heard of the gala event to happen within the news and couldn't resist jumping at the chance to go. It was time that she got out for some schmoozing and deal with matters other than what she dealt with on the streets in New York regularly. Plus, this was a good way to mingle and get some new clientele for her company. The woman is dressed in a long, elegant, black halter evening dress with simple and small design along the front. Her hair is currently pinned up in a messy, yet stylized updo, and she has some evening wear accessories to compliment her appearance.

Once inside the large ballroom, the woman glances around at the scenery and the atmosphere of the event. Admittedly, its the large crystal lion centerpiece that draws her attention, causing a small smile to make its way to her face, before she glances around, taking in the sights of the other particants for the evening, and then moving to grab a glass of wine for herself.

Earlier today, say... around 3 in the afternoon, Renee woke up. It wasn't even a full night's sleep (and certainly not a /night's/ sleep), but she's up. She could only ignore the mid afternoon warmth, the sounds of a Gotham weekend in full swing, for so long. Having groggily stumbled around a bit -- thankfully with less toe-stubbing and snarled invective than usual, as she was simply sleep-deprived rather than hung over -- she did her "morning" thing, started up breakfast, turned on the TV and caught a spot on the news. Selina Kyle something something gala something celebrities such as such-and-such and so-and-so and the guy -- you know, the guy with the hair -- and other notables. She only realizes she's spilled the milk she'd been pouring -- no crying over it now -- when it splashes on her hand, and she frowns as she mops it up. Then she makes a phonecall.

"You going to that thing?" Pause. "Yeah, the cat thing..." Pause. "Uh. Can I borrow your tux?" Somewhat longer pause. "/Shut up/, Maggie."

So now Renee Montoya, formerly of the GCPD, finds herself nervously fiddling with a bow tie -- probably to the point of amusing a few socialites. Some people are probably more inclined to hide it than others. She justifies her spur-of-the-moment plan to herself by saying she's here because she's augmenting whatever security's in place. It's Gotham. Gotham is full of whackjobs who'd just love to hit places like this. All these marks packed in one place... just ripe for the picking, right?

It's what she tells herself, anyway.

Adjusting the cufflinks on his rather expensive suit Jake stood staring at lion statue, ,quite the collection of 'upper crusts' already from what he could see. His dark eyes roamed the arrangement before him and he put on the best 'Steven Grant' smile he could the leisurely walk to go with it, had to make it look like he belonged, this was after all a personality of his he once adopted intentionally to fit into elbow rubs like this. Pausing before the donation sign, he drew out his check book and personalized pen he began writing enough zeros that had him considering what remodeling he would have to hold off on with his Staten Island Mansion and of course 'Shadowkeep' as he was calling the hidden underbelly.


"... honestly think it could be good for you, Katie--heaven knows we don't ask /much/ of you," Catherine Kane says. She's speaking to her stepdaughter over the phone, but the exasperation, the resentment, the everpresent disappointment that lingers around the wealthy woman are so palpable that Kate can almost see Catherine's frowning face amidst the wires and circuitry and sparks before herself.

"Uh-huh," is the redhead's only reply; whether she's brief because she's more interested in the repairs she's trying to make on her plane's innards or because she doesn't even remotely care about what's being said to her is unclear.

"Try not to make a /scene/, the way you did in Tribeca back in '05, darling, there'll be people we /know/ there."


"That poor girl--do you know her family hasn't been back since? Her father should have been winning awards!"


"Anyway, anyway, I'll let you get ready; please, wear something nice."

Kate hangs up without reply, then. Following a few more seconds of welding, she flicks the torch off, stares at her handiwork and sighs; she'll probably need the Colonel to go over it all and make sure the plane won't explode in mid-air, or something.

'Wear something nice', she said...


Kate Kane is near the bar, leaning ever so slightly forward to support a little of her weight on the slender black cane planted before her; one hand is gripping its smooth, ivory top, and as one might expect, those colours are echoed in the rest of her ensemble: a white dress peeks out through the front of a divided black tailcoat with fine white pinstripes. In turn, the coat's flaps rest against pinstriped pants, and at her ankles, white spats are barely visible before her shiny black shoes are reached. A black fedora sits atop her head, and enough of her hair has been gathered beneath it that the only visible redness is at the back of her head, where it stands out pretty starkly among all the sharp blacks and whites.

Even her skin is in on the colour scheme; her face is paler than in normally ought to be, while black makeup has been carefully applied around her eyes. Very bright red lipstick provides another point of sharp contrast.

A young woman, of Asian descent moves into the room. Few, if any, will recognize Cassandra Cain, but she is currently wearing a rather expensive looking evening dress of jade that is slit high, up to her thigh and backless. Despite how graceful she walks, when she enters, she is slightly taken aback by just how many people -are- here.

Her mid-length raven-colored hair is perfectly coifed with a pin holding it together, and a beautiful white orchid at the top, to offset the ensemble. She pauses at the entrance of the festivities, looking for someone familiar, in the crowd.

Dick Grayson doesn't make it to events like this very often. Oh, he gets invitations, sure. There are enough people who remember the now-grown-up teenage boy that used to be present at the Wayne Manor parties is still Bruce Wayne's ward that he's not exactly considered an outsider to Gotham Society. However, that never stops him from -feeling- like one. Still, he knew that friends would be in attendance, so he found himself a new Tuxedo and accepted the invite. Who knows, it might actually be fun. Maybe. Of course, now that he's getting to the tail end of the "gauntlet" of people oh-so-eager to greet him, his "try to look genuine" smile muscles are already starting to ache. Should've just gone on patrol.

Either way, he finally breaks free of the clutch of people hoping to get some kind of "in" on Bruce through him, and finally gets a few moments to catch his breath, so to speak, shaking his head slightly, and declining the offer of champagne from one of the roaming waiters. Any wonder Dick Grayson's known as a bit of a wallflower at these things?

Donna Troy arrives with her sister. She murmurs softly, "You know.. I /could/ have just driven us down here myself. It isn't like I drive a junker.." She cuts off her half hearted protest to being driven in a limo as the door is opened by the Embassy staff driver and it's time to smile for the cameras and be supportive of her sister's participation in the night's events. She steps out second and within two graceful strides has caught up to Diana on the carpet, the door closing behind them and the festivities stretching out before them. She runs a hand over her thigh, seeking to smooth an imagined wrinkle and smiles inwardly at herself. She's nervous and she's just here to watch the evening fold. She glances quickly to Diana and then falls into her sister's pace.

"Jeryn, why do I actually have to go to this thing, I could have just wrote them a check or something, right?" Pause as Danny listens to the guy on the other hand, "Yes Jeryn, I know there are people that could get more business for Rand-Meachum here, but again why does it have to be me, isn't that why you're own my payroll." Another pause, then Danny finally speaks again, "Oh well then tell your mother I said hi, and hope she feels better." He sighs as he turns off the phone, dang no getting out of this one now. Hey maybe he'll get lucky and a gang of Ninjas will attack the party, in fact he should be out fighting a gang of ninjas right now anyway.

Stopping to make sure his tuxedo is in order, and looks okay Danny Rand finally walks into the room. Sure there are people he know, or well at least knows of here, but the guy was never comfortable in the high class part of the life that was given to him. So he grabs some champagne from a passing waiter, and actually tries to look like he is comfortable in this type of setting.

Perhaps it eases some, for Cassandra Cain to read the body language, and understand that so many are nervous, or uncomfortable for the setting - it makes her smirk, with a faint edge of sudden self-confidence, or inner amusement that only she, likely, can fully understand. She gracefully glides further into the room upon the jade-colored high heeled shoes, not saying a single word to anyone. Her eyes flit, briefly, over Danny, and over Dick. The smug smile remains, just as she remains silent, speaking no words, yet.

Maybe she doesn't speak English all that well?

Zatanna is not, on the other hand, turning down champagne, taking the proffered glass with a smile to the waiter, then weaving her way through the crowd towards the pair of Amazons. Not that she doesn't talk to Diana plenty, but she has yet to meet her sister. For right now, the crowd is gathering and the cameras are flashing. Which she's mostly ignoring. They can get a few candid shots for all she cares right now...she's dressed well and looking good.

Taking a deep breath, Selina looks around, deciding to wait for a hair longer before trying to make with the greeting, the public speaking something that can wait until more have arrived and those who already have can have a chance to settle in before taking the stage. What she does do is take a fluted glass of champagne from one of the passing servers, the golden bubbly looked at for a moment before she takes the first stip. With how she smiles in approval, it's safe to assume that its quality meets with her approval.

Helena Bertinelli isn't nervous as much as lacking in the patience it takes to be a social butterfly. The Italian mob-heiress, after greeting the few people she knows, makes her way to claim a glass of champagne.

It felt a bit too easy to flow into another mind-set - Already Jake Lockley was flashing a smile that had cheeks drawn to taunt, the refreshments becoming a quick target as long fingers snare up a glass of red wine, taking one easy sniff at it before drinking while his eyes skim the 'mob;, there was one recognized person Danny Rand a New York face, a quick nod of acknowledgement and mutual respect tossed that way. Maybe later he'd try for conversation, for now though this was a Gotham contact expansion; had to think of priorities first. Everyone in kind would get a once over studied, gauged, and eyes would continue their casual drift. The hostess had done a fine job.

Given the past few weeks events, Amy decides that she could use a bit of good karma on her side. From her small purse, she removes a checkbook and makes out a donation. Afterwards, the woman takes to moving to stand near one of the far walls of the ballroom and observe the people still entering. She isn't uncomfortable with the setting at all, but simply hasn't seen anyone that she recognizes yet, if at all, actually. So, she appears to be content with watching the others interact for the moment while sipping on her champagne glass.

Oh. Good. Renee isn't the only one checking a lapel for the umpteenth time. She cracks a brief smile, takes another look around, and then that smile transmutes to a grimace. It belatedly strikes her that she should've got some kind of accent. One of those flowers to do that thing, what's that thing... the fancy French name? Starts with a b? Looks like 'button' but isn't? Screw it. No flower for her.

Maybe champagne will go with her outfit and make for a little confidence. Liquid confidence. Why does she have the feeling she might be very confident before long? Renee swipes a fluted glass off a tray with a muttered thank-you for the server -- who /thanks/ the servers, anyway? -- and eyes the nearish-by Helena sidelong.

That. Is one dangerous woman. Helena, that is. Not Renee.


Never let it be said that Dinah Laurel Lance doesn't clean up well. Because... she does. Very well. The blonde bombshell is wearing a short, slinky black dress that showcases her long, amazing legs -- for once, they bare of fishnets or any other stockings. Her hair has been caught up in a neat twist and pinned in place with elegant hair sticks. These things really aren't to her taste, especially without her usual goatee'd escort, but she's been asked to go and keep an eye on things. So, here she is. And on her second flute of champagne.

"Of course I know you can drive, Donna. But tonight is supposed to be about appearances. And this way you could be in the back with me, and we do not have to concern ourselves with driving home." Granted, the two of them could just fly. But flying in a haute couture dress? Not a good idea. Let's skip that. Of course, now is the time to mingle with the crowd, meeting and greeting everyone, and the Amazon princess rather enjoys this part. Meeting and connecting with people does seem to be her specialty.

"Uncomfortable" wouldn't exactly be the word to describe Dick Grayson in this situation. He's comfortable enough maintaining the facade. It's more like...resigned. Oh well, he committed, may as well make the most of it, right? He steps through the crowd, a flicker of surprise in his eyes when he spots Cassandra, though it's replaced with a more genuine smile for a moment. He weaves his way through the crowd with practiced ease, stepping in front of Cassandra and chuckling softly, "Hey. You look great." He says quite genuinely, before adding, "Didn't expect you to be here." No admonition, just surprise.

Donna Troy has, thus far, declined any offered champagne as she accompanies Diana through the gauntlet of meet and greet. She smiles and, for those who can tell such things, it really seems to be genuine. Like her sister there is an interest in others even when the reciprocated interest is usually feigned or, at best, hiding ulterior motives. In one of her glances about the crowd she notices Zatanna making her way over. She leans close to Diana, "I know, Di. But it still had to be said once. I'll have fun now. Promise. Speaking of... look to your left. You've a friend coming to say hi it looks like." She smiles and quickly turns to lift a champagne glass off a passing server's tray. Just a quick sip for now.

Cassandra, oddly, even has a similiar smile for Dick Grayson. She inclines her head to him quietly in greeting, and takes a step nearer to him. He is someone familiar, at least. She tilts her head, then nods. "Lots," she tells Dick, as if indication of the score of people in attendance.

Zatanna makes her way over. "Quite the crowd," she informs Diana. "And this a guess, your sister?" Yeah, there's enough of a likeness...and besides, Zee cheats. Magical auras and the like quite visible to her.

These kinds of events have never /really/ been Kate's thing, but they're more awkward these days than they ever were before. Having identified the easiest points of ingress and egress almost immediately upon arriving, she's now checking each of them periodically, just in case--just in case--

Well. Logically, intellectually, she knows that while the odds of a charity event in Gotham City being attacked by Poison Ivy or the Joker or the Wrecking crew or something are not negligible, they're probably not so great as to warrant constant vigilance.

But she can't help it; there's a sachet of smoke pellets and miniature batarangs strapped against her belly just in case.

She can at least split her attention between vigilance and quietly resenting her presence here by strolling the ball room floor with a neon-red cocktail in hand; in fact, after the first few steps, she does better than split her attention: by the time she makes it to Dinah Lance the champagne server near her, she's grown so focused on resentment that the emptied cocktail glass is being set onto the server's tray to be replaced by a flute.

"It's kind of amazing," she idly murmurs once she's taken a healthy sip of champagne, "how into these things people get--I mean, you don't hear of too many pro-lion conservation events, but here we all are."

"It is indeed." Diana offers, though whether she is answering Donna's comment about a friend approaching, or Zatanna's guess as to the identity of the young beauty at her side is perhaps a tad unclear. "Zatanna Zatara, please allow me to introduce you to my sister, Princess Donna Troy of Themyscira. Donna, this is indeed a friend of mine. Zatanna is a gifted magicienne." And not just of the stage variety.

//What is the matter Marc, feeling gunshy?// That ever present voice would hiss into his ear, Khonshu's magical presence perched on one shoulder, invisible to the world. "More like... searching for common grounds. Steven Grant made this seem easy." The chuckle was audible only to Jake who realizes he was talking out loud for a second, if anything he could pretend he had an ear-piece or bluetooth on still and was shutting a call off. The wine went down quick, smoother than expected and he was getting himself another. Maybe treat it like inny minny mo pick a Gothamite by the toe...

When she's greeted by an absolute stranger, Helena lifts her glass in salute. " I pity any of Gotham's colorful vigilantes if they decide to crash the party." Helena comments, by way of greeting and to make small talk, nodding towards where the Themyscirans and Zatanna are holding court. "Would rather be like holding up a donut shop and finding it full of armed cops."

It's a fancy shindig (or possibly a hootenanny), but it's for a friend. So Ted Grant, former heavy-weight champion of the world, has trotted out his tuxedo and come to mingle. He's cleaned up nicely, the very picture of a distinguished older gentleman. The only thing to spoil that impression is his rogueish smile. He scans the crowd briefly, looking for familiar faces.

Deciding now is as good of a time as any, Seline makes her way over to, and climbs the stairs that lead to the stage proper, the skirt of her gown held up as to not trip over its hem while making the descent. The band cuts off after a flourish of notes rather than dropping off entirely, leaving the trill to be drowned out over the buzz of the crowd. "Hello...may I have everyone's attention?" Selina looks from face to face as much as she's able to with the crowd, her effort to do so eventually becoming a broad sweep of her gaze in general. "I'd like to thank everyone for coming tonight. I am Selina Kyle and I am your hostess for the evening."

"Well, this is Gotham," Dinah replies to the redhead, before taking a sip from her glass. "We don't dive jump out of planes, or base jump, or any other such nonsense. Instead, we hold shiny, elaborate, noisy shindigs like this, and gamble on whether or not some freak in clown makeup or a green jumpsuit can resist crashing the party. We are a brave lot." She takes another sip. "Personally, I'm kind of hoping for a good party crasher."

More tugging at his collar, and the tie a little, god is it just him or do they make these things tighter just to torture a person. He notices the look that Grant gave him, and nods back to the guy, hey he's not the only fish out of water here, all-right! He downs the champagne and grabs another from a passing waiter, as he looks around at some of the other people around here, still very few he knows sadly. His eears pick up what Dinah says about the party crasher and he gives a little chuckle at that, cause he wants the exact same thing.

It was a party, an event enough that had word going through and caught She-Hulk's attention. Conservation of the cats was a good enough reason as any to join into the event, meet people, and have a night out. Stepping through the doors emerald gaze rose and then fell to take in the atmosphere and the room in its grande extraordinary. Dark green hair that bled nearly black in hue was pinned up in an elaborate bun with spiralled and curled strands to fall free around strong visage, dancing over the green skin in small brushes with the mere turn of her head. Shoulders were bare, the coctail dress beginning its cover in heart shaped covering over her chest, white with a sheer overlay webbed with tiny crystals to dance the lighting off of them. One of the servers slipped past, that made She-Hulk cast her gaze down to the tray and gently pluck a champagne glass from the tray while moving slowly around the outskirts of the room, perhaps to spot a familiar face or two.

Renee is silent a moment, mainly by virtue of being surprised. Evidently she did not expect a reply, let alone conversation, from the dangerously impatient-seeming socialite with the champagne. She belatedly returns the somewhat-of-a-salute, and allows a quiet "Heh" before sipping. Not really strong enough a drink for her, but it's something to appreciate for the novelty. When's the next time she'll get to try something of that quality? Lifting her head, she follows Helena's gesture to look toward magic-types. "I don't know," she then says, perhaps just to play devil's advocate, perhaps because she's simply that hopeful. "A little laughing gas, or some of the Scarecrow's stuff, and maybe wizards and Amazons would be too busy laughing or shrieking, too..." She trails off on that happy thought, since Kyle is talking. Sip.

Dick nods to Cassandra, chuckling softly, "Yeah, looks like half of Gotham and then some decided to turn out tonight." He steps to Cassandra's side and moves a bit further into the crowd alongside her, "If anyone corners you, just tell 'em "No English, sorry" and you should be fine." He explains to Cassandra, before falling silent as Selina makes her announcements. He does, however, offer an arm towards Cassandra, gesturing towards a nearby couple who're providing a perfectly proper demonstration of arm-holding technique. All the better to at least help her look like she's fitting in.

Spotting Ted, Helena gives him a quick smile and a wink before turning back to her conversational companion. "But just imagine what a viral video it would be, to have Wonder Woman and the famous Zatanna both off their rocker. Better than the Wayne fiasco." And then she gives Selina her full attention.

At Selina's entrance and start of announcements, Cassandra turns her attention towards the hostess, fixated on the woman. Sure, the young woman is certainly watching Selina - but, if anyone is watching Cassandra, the girl is also studying her. Intently. As if - well, memorizing something? Or, perhaps merely fascinated with the woman. It is rather hard to tell.

Fortunately for her (because likely Barbara would kill her) she does not partake of any of the champagne available. Seamlessly, she takes Dick's arm. She asks him, with a pure air of nonchalantness, "Hot for me?"One of those expressions, she apparently overheard, somewhere.

Donna Troy grins and offers a slight laugh as her sister pulls out all of the proverbial formal stops and uses her full title. She quickly drops off her half finished flute of champagne on a passing tray to free her hand and offers it toward the famous sorceress. "Just Donna. Please." She shoots an "I'm going to get you later for that, sis!" sidelong at Diana. Her sister knows how much she hates having her full title given, if only because it makes people start to treat her differently. Not that Zatanna will. It's the principle of the matter. "I'm pleased to meet you Ms. Zatara. Your shows and your talents preceed you. I hope to see you perform one one day. And your friendship with my sister is as highly valued by me." She looks to Diana with a warm smile. Clearly she cares that her sister has true friends surrounding her. She turns as Ms. Kyle starts to address the guests, turning her attention toward the dark haired woman.

Renee just /barely/ manages to save herself from a spittake at Helena's comment, coughs quietly, then lifts the free hand to wipe at her mouth.

Ted spots Helena and returns the wink, chuckling to himself. He moves easily through the crowd, remembering parties just like this back during his heyday. As Selina gets up and starts talking, he turns his attention towards her.

That was a damned shocker. Make that familiar face number two, Ted Grant; instant recognition and a nostalgic memory flood that was accompanied with aches in knuckles and side of a jaw struck him, well not literally but on a psychological level. A former professional championship boxer himself the shared past was an easy connection; Ted may not recognize him without a boxing glove drilled into his dome though. A low grudging chuckle escapes Jake his drink lifting to mask his features and the odd twitch of a smile. Wait until Marlene or Frenchie hear about that one. Selina Kyle's sudden and pleasant chime of a voice had him glancing up towards the stage. All ears so to speak and well... of course eyes too, especially considering the amount of amazing looking females present. Something began to speak towards him and he reaches his hand up, flicking at the air where his miniature tormentor was located.

"Bite your tongue," Kate replies, eyes gleaming and voice tinged with the beginnings of a chuckle.

Her eyes, of course, have just checked the northern skylight to see whether or not the Green Goblin's glider is visible in the moonlight.

"I can respect the ballsiness, but, yeesh--did you /see/ what the clown did to that Darfur benefit?"

She delicately sips her champagne, then leans a smidge closer to Dinah, dropping her voice just so as if sharing a great secret.

"Toxic cream pies--all those withered up people, ugh." She shudders, then, both because she remembers the images pretty clearly and because she's talking about dead rich people at a party and it's a little weird, in hindsight.

"Tonight we are here not as the social elite of Gotham and other parts of the world but rather as a group of like-minded people who have but a single common goal. That goal is being the protection of the world's big cats. We come seeking to protect them from extinction so that our children's children and even their children will not have to grow up in a world without such majestic creatures as the lion, cheetah and leopard. We are here for them, this evening." Selina smiles as she holds her glass aloft, silently toasting those who have joined her here tonight. "As you all are aware of, there is to be a charity date auction tonight. That will be starting within the next thirty minutes. Feel free to mingle and enjoy yourselves and thank you all for coming tonight." The mic is handed back to the bandleader before she takes her exit, swiftly stepping down so she can enjoy herself before the MC duties start in earnest.

Donna merely receives a long-suffering smile from her sister, with that sort of superior 'I am the older sister, it really is your name, and you should get used to it' look in her eyes. Nothing more. Whatever she intended to say she does not, however, as Ms. Kyle ascends the stage and begins her introductions and her speech. Once she finishes, Diana smiles and does grab a flute of champagne from a passing tray. "Well, it appears we will soon be under way. Michael has already sent in our contribution, so the only thing left is to enjoy the party, meet interesting people, and await the auction." Which is going to be quite an experience, she is sure.

"What?!" Dick double-takes at Cassandra's oh-so-nonchalant question. It's quite fortunate that he hadn't had any champagne, because he probably would have sprayed it, "Do I even want to know where you heard that?" He shakes his head, more than a little bemused, listening to the rest of Selina's introduction, and noting Cassandra's intense scrutiny of their hostess. Funny enough, with all the talk and thoughts of party-crashers going around, Dick's already all-but-dismissed the idea. With Wonder Woman and Donna in attendance, most of Gotham's usual crowd would be easily outclassed. Not...that he wouldn't mind seeing someone try.

I know, right? Helena grins at Renee, and takes a calm sip of her champagne

Zatanna glances over at Selina. "In other words, some of us are here because tigers are gorgeous." That would be, it seems, Zee's preference amongst big cats...aesthetically, that is. She's never actually worked with the real thing...those teeth seem horribly sharp. She takes a sip of her champagne.

Dinah playfully pokes the tip of her tongue between her teeth, then chuckles. It's a short lived laughter as Kate leans in to share the gossip. "Ugh," she grimaces, nose wrinkling. "I can see I'll be avoiding the dessert table tonight."

When Selina begins to make her announcement, Dinah takes the opportunity to switch out her empty champagne flute for a full one when a server comes past. "Ah," she murmurs, once the speech has concluded, "here we are at the real reason for tonight's festivities: gentrified slave auctions."

Renee toasts Selina back, only belatedly glancing about to see if others are doing likewise. Meh. She sips, ignoring that, er, tiny bit of backwash. There. All gone. Then she smirks at Helena.

"So," she says, slowly. "Are you really here for the big cats? And..." She glances over. "You actually know Ted Grant?" She is mildly jealous. That's just cool. But Renee is probably most envious of the ability to sip champagne like she fits in. Meh. "I wonder if he'll be auctioned."

"In movies," Cassandra explains to Dick. "Male. Female," she begins to explain to him, slowly, as if -he- didn't know, or didn't understand what it meant, after Selina has had her say of the night's events. She considers him, curiously, then shakes her head at the man holding her arm. "No," she concurs.

However, she begins to look towards the rest of the crowd. After her initial assessment of Selina, she looks towards Jake. And, the fellow's body language -is- certainly interesting, to listen to, and read. She stares, unashamedly at the man, while remaining on Dick's arm. At least, for now.

Selina's voice called out, another chime amongst the din of voices and the light shutter of glass against glass and other voices. At the words of the Hostess a small smile managed to creep over lightly painted lips, her eyes seeking the climb up the large crystalline lion effigy as an envelope tapped idly in her hand. She had no desire to bid, but donate for such a cause was apparent - at least pay for She-Hulks take of champagne. As a matter of fact... One flute was easily downed and when another waiter busily passed by with a tray on his shoulder she traded glasses out. Slowly, this time the glass was risen to her lips, held gingerly between green fingers. Awkward but trained to finally do such things without breaking them in her grasp.

"Oh, yes. Ted is a teddybear. Hell of a right hook, though, and quite fond of tiramisu." Helena grins over the rim of her glass, before shrugging one shoulder. "I'm here more for the sake of the cause than for the cause itself. Although I am fond of wildcats."

Late! She was late!

But like others in the crowd, Gotham had never been Koriand'r's comfortable zone. This was Batman's land, she respected that, and kept her crime-fighting tomfoolery out of this city, barring the few times she had been outright requested to help. And, considering her reputation, one might think that a gala ball would not lie within her comfortable zone as well.

Those who thought such may just well be surprised. Charity was charity, after all, and one couldn't spend their /entire/ day fending off threats to civilization as we knew it. In spite of her extreme tardiness, or perhaps because of this, Koriand'r arrived under her own power, alighting at a clear spot outside of the entrance, then taking a moment to fix her appearance. Her magenta hair, usually wild and poofy, was flattened by an inordinate amount of product and combing, the very 'tail' of her long, long hair curved upwards to make it appear perhaps like a hook. A little weird looking, but it wasn't Lady Gaga strange. Breathing out a sigh, she adjusts the glimmery, off-the-shoulder purple dress she was wearing, moving to slip inside the gala proper, already beaming smiles at people she knows (even the ones she only knows vaguely.)

Ted grabs a glass off a nearby server's tray and raises it as Selina finishes speaking. He drains it one gulp, and discretly sets it down on another passing server's tray. He is greeted by a few people, laughing and slapping backs until he gets out of the larger part of the crowd. Coincidentally (maybe), he emerges near Helena and Renee. "Hello, ladies," he says, grinning. "Were my ears burning, or am I just hopelessly full of myself?"

"Of course," Kate distastefully murmurs. She's on her second glass of champagne, though it's so far gone untouched. "Right--my stepmother tried to--right."


"Anyway, it's for whales, or bears--no, wait, that isn't--oh! Lions, and it's a date auction, so I was /thinking/--"

"Not interested," Kate gruffly says, cutting Catherine Kane off before she can get any further.

"But who knows? Some nice man--uch--/person/ might--"

Kate reaches over to flip a drill on before returning to her welding; the drill is just hanging among a bunch of other tools, totally unnecessary for what she's doing. "What? What?! SPEAK UP, CATHERINE, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

The drill will keep on spinning for the next five minutes.

And Catherine Kane will keep talking through all of them.


Suddenly, Kate is on her third glass of champagne; gulping it isn't really polite, but sometimes it's necessary.

"She probably won't be showing us their gums or anything up there, so I guess, I mean, we've come a long way," she mutters with a sidelong look at Dinah.

Once Selina was done speaking one hand rose up to tap fingers against the opposites palm managing to balance the glass in his grip still. An auction, Jake Lockley missed that bit of the memo or someone neglected to mention it when news of this event was delivered to him, Chloe. He'd blame her off the bat, bits and pieces of conversation would be picked up around him, dark brown orbs caught sight of Cassandra gazing his direction. "Hello." His deep voice offers a tip of his head forward as well, which ended up settling the green Jen Walters in his peripheral. a dash of another color near that, magenta? //Going to just stand here drinking Marc? If so... get real blasted and make for a show. I promise you at least one in here deserves to be brought to justice.// Jake retains his smile, his direct gaze peeling from Cassandra (whom had an unsettling gaze) to making sure what he thought he seen was there, yes. She-Hulk and Koriand'r. //You are boring your lord, pitiful blood knight//

"Sorry," Dick notes to Cassandra's assessment with a faint, bemused grin, "Just hadn't really thought about it." Which is pointedly true. However, speaking of "hot for you" Mr. Grayson's attention is most certainly drawn to the arrival of a certain Tamaranean Princess. He's entirely unable to prevent a bright smile from appearing on his face at her arrival, as well as a shift in his body language perceptible to Cassandra.

"A... teddy bear," Renee echoes, disbelievingly. "Tiramisu? Seriously?" She glances back over to the grey-haired prizefighter, back to Helena, and repeats this once or thrice more. She finishes off her champagne; maybe if she relaxes she'll actually be able to perceive the things unspok-- Oh. Hey. A Ted.

"Evening," she says, relaxing despite herself. Dirty old man is dirty /charming/ old man. She even cracks a smile. "Maybe both." She glances around for a passing server, slides a step away to be rid of her empty glass, and then returns with a little throat-clear like she never left.

"Sorry," she then offers to Helena. "I'm just not used to these things. I'm Renee." She offers a hand. Presumably it'll be offered to Ted next.

A few people stop Selina on her way across the room, probably giving their promise to give a sizable donation before the night is out, something about which causes her to pause and nod at one point. The conversation is kept quiet enough so whatever exchange there is between her and the others is kept private but she then turns and peels away, her expression now slightly displeased. It is as if something has left a nasty taste in her mouth which Selina seeks to wash away with more champagne. Glasses swapped, she sips at her fresh drink while looking around, her eyes darting here and there. Ted's noticed and he is given a wave, the gesture something she expects her former-mentor and now dear friend to miss, seeing he's in the company of not one but two ladies currently.

"Hello, Mr. Grant. Looking charming tonight." Helena greets, giving him a chaste peck on the cheek. She then grins over at Renee. "I'm Helena. Helena Bertinelli. Renee, this is Ted Grant. He's got a mean right hook and from what I've discovered quite the sweet tooth. Fortunately, he uses his powers of charm and knocking people out in one hit for good. Ted, this is Renee."

Giving a slow nod of recognition to Selina, Cassandra shifts her attentive gaze from Jake talking to himself (or, the magical Moon) towards Ted, Helena, and Dinah. She points towards the small group, to Dick, wondering who, exactly, Ted is.

"No, /probably/ not," Dinah agrees. She's eyeing Kate as she downs the second glass of champagne and knocks out the third in rapid succession. Impressive. "Though," she remarks coolly, with a bit of a smirk, "I'd love to see someone treat Bruce Wayne like that."

Shifting her mostly-untouched glass of champagne to her left hand, Dinah holds her right out to Kate. "I'm Dinah, by the way. Dinah Lance."

A wave of her eyes went over the sea of faces. It was expected most - if not all, would not be recognized by She-Hulk, but none the less when Koriand'r slipped in a tilt of her head was give to her in greeting, moving aside from the entry where she had already lingered too long in observation. Moving deeper within the grouping of people the flash of Jake's eyes towards her as well had the flute of champagne lifted in a greeting and then sipped upon after the flash of a small smile.

Ted beams at Helena and Renee. "A pleasure, Renee. Helena, looking great as always." If offered a hand, he raises it up for a gentlemanly kiss. "It's times like this that I'm glad I made a name as a fighter. Otherwise, the dirty looks from all the other men for taking up your time just might intimidate me." He winks, and reaches for another drink. As expected, Ted is giving the ladies his full attention, it would be rude to do otherwise, and thus misses waves from his other friends.

So many people in the room! Koriand'r's eyes glance towards She-Hulk, as many of the people in the room must have. Koriand'r had never met the person before, but as another member of the Unusual Skin Color Club, she was worth giving one of her beaming smiles towards, Kory even going so far as to lift her hand in a wave to the other as She-Hulk slipped away. As Kory's eyes sweep the room, though, they alight upon Dick - and then glance down towards the girl on his arm, and back up again. A bright smile was given the pair, and she wiggles her fingers in a wave towards them, as she starts to head into the crowd proper to mingle.

"I happen to love and admire all of the great cats, and all other wildlife." Which is why Diana is donating so generously, including herself on the coming auction block, to support this cause. Diana turns at the late arrival of Koriand'r, and smiles. "Perhaps we should mingle more? I'm sure your friends would be glad to see you here tonight." she comments to Donna. Whether or not she recognizes Richard Grayson in the crowd - she likely does - she cannot help but recognize the Tamaranean princess. And there are others she wants to meet and greet as well. "Shall we?"

Donna Troy smiles as Zatanna reveals her preference for tigers. She notes, "I just got back from doing a story in Kenya. At the moment I have to say my favored cats would be lions. But they are all magnificent and worthy of protection." She then sees Kori arrive and also spies Dick. She looks to her sister, then to Zatanna, "You're welcome to join us, Ms. Zatara if you'd like, otherwise would you excuse us for a moment? I've noticed some friends of mine that I'd like to have my sister meet before the auction begins."

'Discovered' suggests a personal connection. Renee's eyebrows rise, but she won't let the surprise show for long. No. Wait. Foiled again. Ted just kissed her hand. She very nearly gapes; she also very nearly sputters. Then she just /laughs/. It is quite possibly a tad louder than is polite. She just wouldn't know.

"Wow, I guess not even a tuxedo intimidates," she says, highly amused as she reclaims her hand. "So how'd you two meet? If you don't mind my asking. Got your eye on anyone, for bidding purposes?" she wonders of both.

"If it helps get you dirty looks, I can bat my lashes at you." Helena suggests to Ted, batting her lashes theatrically at him before turning to give Renee a curious look. "I'm biddee, not bidding." Helena says, before giving Ted a patently overblown 'fawning' expression for the benefit of the men stewing in the background. Silly NPCs, trying to compete with Ted 'Wildcat' Grant. "He helped me in a tight spot. Some muggers tried to take liberties, but he roared up and beat the sh.. ahem.. he saved me."

After flicking her cane towards herself so that it's resting against her stomach without needing to be held by her for the moment, Kate firmly takes Dinah's hand in her own and shakes it. "Kate Kane," she says with a thin smirk at the idea of Bruce Wayne being treated like chattel. "Nice to meet someone /else/ who's a little less than /overjoyed/ to be at one of these things."

Well, the time flies and after a bit of mingling and drinking, Selina decides now is a perfect time to get the ball truly rolling. Once again getting onto the stage, she takes the mic and, with a smile, waves a hand, this time having brought an index card with her. "Well! It looks like everyone's enjoying their evening. Good, good! It's time to start the evening's bid auction by having our first lucky person come up here!" Peering down, she reads the first name and announces, "Would Miss Koriand'r please come up?"

Zatanna grins. "Hrm. I think I'm going to mingle, before I get called up...oh wait. We're starting." Koriand'r first. Zee glances at the...interestingly colored woman. Not somebody she's inclined to bid on herself, of course. But the various guys are likely to be perking up.

Near enough Jake was able to clear his throat and offer a sidelong glance accompanied with a smile towards She-Hulk. "Miss Walters, decided to take a trip on over to Gotham too, huh?" He would offer the woman, really having no idea if she recognized him or even remembered him. About to say something more when Selina stepped up, announcing the auction was to begin. Well, now at least he could place names to faces.

Leaving Ted & the girls alone, Cassandra turns her attention to the very orange skinned Koriand'r, who is currently waving at her. The asian woman frowns, though not in displeasue. But, in pure uncertainty. She's not seen an orange person, before. She begins to detach herself from Dick's arm, to go investigate Koriand'r, and makes a few steps towards the striking alien woman, before she realizes that the woman is Koriand'r, and moving up to the stage.

This is - odd. Bidding? She's not sure what bidding is. And suddenly, she realizes Dick is back a few paces from her. So, slightly self-conscious, she merely stands 'alone', and looks towards the stage, to see what will happen, next.

Donna Troy stops the attempt to take Diana over toward her friends as the auction begins. She chuckles and nods to Zatanna, "Foiled.." She shrugs a little to her sister, "Maybe later?" She then looks over, offering a smile of encouragement to Kori as she is called to the stage.

Ted just laughs. "Seen stranger things than a chick in a tux, doll. And lemme tell you, you're doing it better justice than I am mine." He winks at Helena. "I just can't abide rudeness in a man. Won't tolerate it." Points to those who get that movie reference. "I'm actually being sold myself. Selina's an old friend, and she somehow roped me into it." No sooner has he said that then Selina starts speaking again, so he turns to watch the proceedings.

Kory wasn't too late to join in, thankfully. Hearing her name, her eyes flicker from Dick and Cassandra, and belatedly glance towards Donna, another smile touching her lips there. "Hello, Donna!" she calls out with a wave, as she makes her way towards the front, ducking and stepping between all the tables and such. Once reaching the stage proper, however, she 'jumps' onto it - picking herself up with her flight and traversing up to the stage without using the steps, landing once more. Turning around, she waves towards the crowd, as she backs up towards Selina. "Hello there!" she says to her.

Despite having left the entry way and the close proximity the gesture from Koriand'r got a return greeting, brief but well enough before diving headlong into socializing. White teeth flashed against the green surrounding 'scape, disarming and aloof even her hand holding the flute that had rise to Jake rose to Kory. The beginning of the mass mauling... or bidding was being announced and stepping closer to Jake as he spoke to her she kept her eyes affixed on the hostess Selina, and what was to come though her words were to Jake after a swift finish of her second glass. "Why not? Never pass up a gathering that could be as interesting as this." Thick lashes fell slightly in thought and eyes slid sidelong towards Jake as if in debate. "Staying out of trouble? Or at least out of the courthouse?"

Dick's not inclined to leave Cassandra hanging, as it were. He does return Kory's smile and wave, and watches her move over to the stage in her own inimitable way. He steps back over to stand beside Cassandra, giving her a quick glance to make sure she's OK, and to reassure her that he's there to -try- to answer questions. Though a good portion of his attention is still on the stage.

Never one to be unfashionable, Bruce Wayne saunters his way into the ballroom well into the gala event, looking around the room. He apparently got his tuxedo pressed, with the solid gold 'W' cufflinks worn on both hands. He gives the room a quick once over before finding his intended target. He starts to cross the room towards the woman of the evening, Selina Kyle, offering a slight nod of his to anyone who greets him, deflecting questions about 'what that outburst was all about' and 'you have a lot of nerve showing up here after what happened'. He's not the most popular socialite in Gotham right now, but that's a position he's familiar (and strangely comfortable) with.

"Wow. Gallant," says the former detective, who clears her throat again. "Thank you. I still don't think I could manage to bat my eyelashes, though," Renee murmurs, settling a little, at least, when the auction proper seems to be starting up. "But if anyone comes after you," she generously -- if a bit blandly -- offers to Ted, "I've got your back."

Upon learning Helena, at least, is up for grabs as it were, she checks her wallet. Yeah. Not much in there. She smirks.

"Ah well."

Almost immediately, a middle-aged man in a tuxedo with thinning hair and a comb-over to cover his bald spot, a large camera rig on straps over his chest, raises a paddle, getting in the first bid on Koriand'r of Tamaran. Except, of course, he's early. The bidding has not yet begun. Oh, drat!

Selina smiles and dips her chin, not even so much as blinking at Koriand'r over her choice of joining her. Stranger things than women flying has been witnessed by her, after all. "Thank you for participating," she says sincerely before she addresses the party-goers as a whole. "Now, who would love to start the bidding on this lovely, exotic lady? Shall we say...ten thousand?" Peeking up over the crowd she sees Bruce who gets her to smile a bit wider. Someone is happy to see him, at least.

As soon as bidding officially opens, the poor fellow tries again.

"A pleasure, Kate." Dinah sips her champagne delicate and turns her attention towards the bidding. Of course, everything has to come to a pause when Bruce makes his entrance. Smirking, Dinah just shakes her head. "Here's hoping he has another /episode/ and make the night worthwhile, hm?"

"Today, yes. Tomorrow... who knows, we could be seeing eac hother." Jake replies to Jen. His arms lifting up to rest overlapped on one another tucked against his chest as his chin lifted up, watching the stage and those around it. "No date?" He questions. A chuckle came from him at witnessing the over-eager man who was trying to bid prematurely on the er... alien?

"Bid?" Asks Cassandra, looking towards Dick, curiously. She points, briefly, towards the extremely strange, yet exotic alien woman up on the stage in the purple dress. Koriand'r has certainly caught Cassandra's attention - though, not likely for the reason that many others have similarly had their own attentions caught by the voluptuous, and unfettered female.

"Well ... foiled indeed." Diana comments smiling, watching Koriand'r assume the stage. But she does find the alien princess rather endearing and inspiring. "If there is anyone else you want to say hello to, you should go ahead and do so, Donna. I am sure this process will go on for quite a while."

"Ten thousand to the eager man over there," Selina announces. "Ten we have twelve? Twelve thousand for the lovely Koriand'r." Not a professional auctioneer by any means, Selina makes up for lack of experience with sheer enthusiasm.

Bruce offers a slightly wave, though makes sure that he doesn't wave TOO much as to suggest that he's casting a bid, keeping his hand well below his chest just to be careful. He glances around and makes his way over to wear drinks are, ordering himself a glass of champagne before leaning against the bar and watching the bidding unfold. He glances towards Dick and Cassandra, considering for a second before pushing off and making his way over towards them, for now. Checking in on his former ward, after all. "Sorry I was late, got tied up with one Dr. Isley," he mutters under his breathe to the pair, his voice...well gruffier than usual for Bruce Wayne. "Anything of...interest happen?" He assumes not, as the room isn't writhing in panic.

Donna Troy looks to her sister and smiles, "Alright, Diana. I'll be back hopefully before your turn." She touches Diana's arm lightly then makes her way over to Dick. Slipping up beside him, her gaze on Kori on stage, "... so should I expect more of my friends to make it up on stage before the night's end?"

It's pretty obvious when Bruce Wayne enters, because all around she and Dinah, Kate can hear whispered gossip about how Bruce Wayne shoved a busboy over and did like three lines of coke off of his serving tray, or got really drunk, or something; after checking the eastern emergency exit for trouble, Kate sweeps her eyes towards Bruce--

She freezes, when Renee -- or, maybe it's Renee, she looks kind of like Renee, if Renee were to wear a tuxedo, ever -- is spotted, and setting her near-empty champagne flute on some server's tray, she quickly breaks towards she and Ted and Helena.

"Yeah, absolutely, 'scuse me," she hastily offers to Dinah as she wanders off.

"Let's not have it be on the same terms." Discussing that would be left alone, but it kept a small twist to her lips. Hoping to meet new people at events got her meeting old under new circumstances and idle chatter. It was better then trying to get to know them through paperwork though. "No date. You seem to be in the same boat, unless yours is waiting to be on the bidding table." A small gesture towards the stage. Like every head in the place though, Bruce Wayne's entry drew her gaze off for a fleeting moment and then back to Jake. She-Hulk didn't buy word on the street, so the murmur's that raced through the crowd were easily tuned out.

Koriand'r doesn't quite stay still as the bidding goes on. She wasn't altogether certain of what to do - this seemed to be somewhat like modeling, but... she cannot say that she had ever participated in something like this before! "Should I... um..." she says, bringing up a finger to rest on the corner of her mouth in thought as she glances towards Selina. Another pause, and she turns back towards the crowd of people, smiling brightly and bringing up a hand in a wave, "Remember! It's for charity!" she calls.

It takes Dick a second to realize what Cassandra is asking, before he tries to explain, "Well, people pay money to spend time with them. The money goes to charity." That's about as succinct as he can make it, and he's still not sure Cassandra will understand. He turns to Bruce and shakes his head, "Nope...All quiet on the society pages far. Very colorful guest list here tonight, though." He opines, before looking to Donna and grinning, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender, "No ma'am, I'm way too much of a wallflower to get on stage." He grins, "But not so much that I can't bid."

And with that, he raises his hand to place his own bid of twelve thousand on Koriand'r.

"...sure." Dinah watches Kate hurry off, her gaze following the redhead's projected path straight towards... Uncle Ted and Company. Huh. She sips her champagne as she considers following, but that would be -- well, probably gauche. With a shrug, she meanders over towards where she last spotted Cassandra. And, oh. Look. A surprise.

"Hi, Cass. Bruce." Dinah offers a smile to Dick, but doesn't recognize him without his mask on.

"Twelve! We have twelve thousand to the gentleman over there," Seline calls out while angling her chin towards where Mister Grayson is. "That puts us at fourteen thousand. Anyone?"

"She couldn't make it." He said, how was Jake supposed to say she ran out on him for blank reasons over blank perhaps standing infront of a mirror wearing someones face. That'd be a great ice-breaker. A smile grew larger across his features. "I'll make sure to change it up if it does happen." Part of being here was the bidding game right? May as well. His hand rose up, one finger coming off to indicate he'd up Dick's bid to the fourteen thousand. Figuring of course he would get outbid in this, had to at least make a show.

Donna Troy arrived after Mr. Wayne so certainly didn't hear anything, she nods to Dick as he proceeds to bid, "I believe I would be disappointed if you said otherwise, Dick.." She then pauses, "Mr. Wayne. I didn't see you... I didn't mean to interrupt." She looks up as the bombshell blonde approaches and offers a smile. "Ms. Lance.." it's a small heroing world after all.. or so the song seems to suggest.

The eager older gentleman glances back over towards Richard Grayson, then screws up his courage and raises his paddle again. One can almost hear his poor wallet crying out in horror.

With no intent to bid on anyone, however interesting they may be, whatever interest Renee might have, the Latina eases aside to the wall -- although she still remains nearish Ted and Helena -- and sets her shoulder to it. She is very useful like that, supporting the wall. She turns her head slowly, letting her gaze shift away from the auction block to the crowd, focusing on the patterns of conversation and movement -- and where they're disturbed.

Like, say, by Kate Kane working against the current, going against the grain in more ways than one. Not... that Renee, wearing her own tuxedo, has any license to comment on it. Quickly the former cop glances aside. Escape route, or way to meet Kate halfway?

She settles for a wave and a vague smile.

"Shame, should I make a spectacle of myself?" Bruce asks playfully, smirking a bit. "Seem people are expecting me to freak out at any moment. Hate to disappoint." He glances away from Dick towards Dinah as she grows closer. "Ms. Lance. How goes the flower business?" he asks, casually enough.

Oh. Okay. Cassandra gets it. And, if Dick can bid twelve thousand? She can bid, "Fifteen Thous-and." She beams a smile at Dick, then. See? She can do good, right?

Well, this is interesting. Not one but three bids for 14k? "Goodness. Well, looks like they'll have to figure out who gets to go out with our lovely little lady if all three of them win." Laughing, she asks once more, "Let's see if we can make it an even twenty thousand. Come on...twenty?"

"Please do, same 'ol, same 'ol is what gets me to come to things like this. A change." One arm rose and folded over her abdomen, while the other swirled the remainder of the champagne and then downed it. Waiting for the next exchange of glasses her brow ticked up slightly when Jake bid and she chuckled. "Good thing she couldn't hm?" She-Hulk prodded, but there was no harshness behind it as she turned her gaze back towards the stage.

The flurry of bids - Koriand'r makes eye contact with the first bidder - as much eye contact as her pupilless eyes allowed, but it was the second one that causes her eyebrows to lift, and a little smile to touch upon her features. The bids that follow cause her to effect a silent laugh up on the stage, her gaze flickering here and there over the crowd, as if trying to preemptively spot the next bidder.

Bruce blinks a few time, glancing towards Cassandra and blinking a few times. "Cass," he says, voice firm. He shakes his head head slightly if she looks in his direction. He's fine if she wants to bid on some, but he has a sinking suspicion that if he didn't say anything he'd be lining up a series of dates for the young lady, including one with himself, and that his check book would never forgive him. She's already made this bid, so he'll have to live with that at least if this goes through.

Dick Grayson quickly puts up his bid for twenty thousand.

He also chuckles at Cassandra, "Right idea...maybe not quite the best timing." Fortunately he has his own considerable resources and can afford the charitable contribution. He looks to Bruce and laughs, "Maybe not tonight. It'd be awfully embarrassing if your Ward had to drag you out of here for your own good."

"Could say that I guess. Way she was, she'd probably just try to outbid me for sport." Jake counters, some hint of emotion krept through without realizing it himself. His hands flexing as he retires himself from placing anymore bids, night was still young and he had reservations about obvious aliens that may hold telapthic abilities. Which had him wondering, a brow rose up as he looks at the green female beside him. Vulgar thought, pointedly, shove it out there on the front of the mind loudly for a response. See if she punts him through the nearest wall.

Kate's cane is shouldered, because it would be kind of awkward to actually /walk/ with it; somehow, she manages to make this look almost casual despite her struggles to ford the crowd without actually elbowing anyone or anything.

Her seeming ease also comes in spite of her not really knowing what to do, here; she was half expecting(hoping?) to have spotted some /other/ woman with dark, wavy hair, leaving her without much of a plan in mind now that Renee's gone and smiled and waved to confirm her identity. Without a plan, then, she comes to a smooth stop beside the little group and gently lowers her cane to the ground; as she folds her hands atop it, she flashes a brisk smile towards Renee before turning her attention up towards the stage as what's going on is the most interesting thing she's ever seen, which--considering Koriand'r is, okay, not /impossible/.

"Charity for big cats? Really?" she quietly - mirthfully, a bit - wonders of Renee.

"Fourteen...four...ah! Twenty thousand." Selina makes the quick 'going once, going twice, sold' bit happen. "Koriand'r goes to that handsome young man for $20k!" As the official announcement is made one of the volunteers who has been helping with donations pats Dick on the arm in half-congratulations and half in a beckoning gesture, inviting him to join her so he can pay for his date. "Well, that was such a wonderful start. Next up is Diana."

Donna Troy falls quiet, standing near Dick and the others as they get caught up in who shoudl be bidding for whom. She waits a few moments before smiling to Dick, "I don't want to distract you from your bidding.." She then offers one more nod to Bruce, then to Dinah, "Mr. Wayne. Ms. Lance." She smiles at Cassandra, not knowing her (so far as she knows) then turns, making her way back through the crowd to try and find her sister. With the throng of socialites Donna makes a near perfect bee-line for Diana. It's rather uncanny, that.

When called, Princess Diana of Themyscira hands off her half-empty flute of champagne to a passing server, and then strolls towards the stairs and elegantly up to the stage, turning to look out over the assembled crowd, smiling warmly. Poise, grace, beauty, and not a little power. It's not hard to see the Amazon princess and the draw she seems to have, dazzling under the lights. "Good evening, Ms. Kyle. Everyone."

Apparently, Cassandra completely understands what the simple voicing of her name means - that, or she easily reads all the underlying tones in Bruce's body language. Her smile fades, just a little, and she gives a silent nod to the man in indication of her understanding.

She looks to Dick, then as he 'ups' the bid. So -- if he's not hot for her ..., "Hot for Koriand'r?"

The person who bought the date? Totally a surprise for Kory. But what floors her is the announcement of who was being auctioned next. Surprised etched on her features, Kory moves to vacate the stage, hopping off of it in the same manner that she hopped onto it, with a little bit of flight. Moving her way through the crowd, she moves to approach Dick and Cassandra, canting her head to the side curiously as she nears. The expression on her face almost perfectly captured thee 'what are you up to?' look.

"Wait, what?" Renee seems to have been indicated as an accidental bidder, and her eyes widen... and her shoulders slump with obvious relief when Dick continues to bid. She slides a hand over her face.

When she removes it Kate -- or someone -- is there doing her cane-leaning thing. The ex-cop arches her eyebrows, gaze sliding upwards. Yup. It's Kate.

"Hi there, Judy Garland," she says dryly, choosing to just outright ignore Kane's own query. Hmf.

"Wonder how much an Amazon goes for these days..."

The tone of emotion from Jake had She-Hulk slowly sliding her gaze back towards him, but it lacked the light in emerald depths for prodding and instead kept a decent smiling tilt to the corners of lined eyes. "Pity she couldn't be here then, seems like she would be amusing company." Tapping a finger over the side of the glass she decided on a new topic of other interest so as to not keep it on a topic that seemed to hit a nerve with Jake. "What has been keeping you busy anyway?"

Zatanna flashes a grin at Diana. It might be a strange thing for the freedom-loving Amazon to do, but it IS for a good cause and it is for, well, fun. Even somebody like Diana has to do things for the sheer heck of it every so often.

"Welcome, Diana," Selina says with a smile for the Amazon. "I am honored. Thank you for taking part in this." The mic is lifted and Selina begins the process anew. "Well, here we have, the lovely Diana. Again, bids will start at ten thousand."

Donna Troy barely caught Diana before she got up on stage, "Have fun." She smiles encouragingly to Diana and then falls silent, watching from where she stands, now by herself but not noticing or at least minding. She's curious how much some time with Diana will bring. If anyone actually bothered to realize just -how- busy Diana is.. the bidding would be through the roof.

A greying woman...recognizable to some as the head of the feminist Women Now foundation lifts her paddle. Maybe a surprise bid. Or...more likely she just wants to pick the Amazon's brains.

Well he's here to do things for charity right? So Danny Rand has to at least start bidding to keep up appearances, "I'll bid fifteen thousand." Hey what good is having a ton of money stashed away for charity if you don't get to use it.

"Wonder Woman for sale," Ted notes with amusement to Helena and Renee. "This oughta be fun to watch. Anybody got some popcorn?" He tosses back another drink.

Turning about in place, Kory begins to lift her hand, when she spies the bid off to the side. About to open her mouth, Danny's bid causes her to lower her hand again without bidding, and bite her lower lip. A chance to sit down and talk with Diana was priceless - but Kory wasn't precisely the richest alien around.

A renowned scientist in the back, at least on paper, an ethical one, lifts his paddle as well, after Danny Rand bids fifteen thousand. He smiles, politely, efficiently. Maybe he wants to pick Wonder Woman's brain, too. Or, maybe he just wants to give her a 'check up'. "Sixteen Thousand," he bids, effortlessly.

"Long story." Dick notes to Cassandra with a wry twist of his lips, before moving to make the payment arrangements with the proper folks, and returning to where Kory and Cassandra are. Moving over towards Kory and leaning to place a kiss on her cheek, "What can I say? I got caught up in the moment." Still, Cassandra will no doubt pick up on the amount of familiarity between them. Though he does of course take the time to make proper introductions, "Kory, this is Cassandra. Cassandra, this is Koriand'r." He murmurs more quietly into Kory's ear, so she knows, *She's part of the family business.*

"Yeah, well FIDO and what-not." Not that Jake expected her to understand what he said, but who knew, maybe the green woman was familiar with military acronym. That Steven Grant persona was hiding somewhere and failing him, once upon a time this was easier, this socializing bit. "Hrm, lately I've taken up boating, bout you? Whats a lawyer do with her spare time?" He doesn't mention the green lawyer or super-heroine bit.

His head lifts up, hearing Rand he manages a slight smirk, "Seventeen."

"Twenty," says the feminist woman, apparently determined not to be beaten out by those who just want a *date* with the Amazon.

Cassandra merely nods to Dick, understanding that everything can't be explained so simply. She offers Koriand'r a small smile, a brief nod, "Hello," she says, slowly, but clearly. For a moment, she's distracted from the bidding on the stage. Luckily, for poor Bruce's wallet.

"Well," Kate murmurs with a frown hidden by the angle of her head and the brim of her hat, "There's only one way to find out, I guess."

Her right hand rises, fingers wiggling just a little to make sure she's seen.

"Twenty-five," she calls, entirely unsure of what the hell she'd even do if she won.

Probably ask to let the Colonel check out the invisible plane, or something.

The bids continue and keep coming, causing Selina to gawk just a bit. "Seventeen! Wow." She points to Jake and then calls, "How about twenty-five?"

An older power broker lifts his paddle, unable to resist the urge. "Thirty."

He doesn't want an actual date, Misty would kill him if he did that, even if they are in a breakup phase, but it's a good cause right. "Forty." he says without much of a pause as it keeps raising. Jeryn won't be happy, but that's what he gets for sending Danny to this.

There is a look between Jake and Miss Kane, this getting to boggle poor Selina something awful. Thankfully she's able to get more bids, the amount of which is staggering. "Forty!" Clearing her throat, she motions, gesturing for people to continue.

Kory tilts her head, letting Dick peck her on the cheek like that. "Well, it is for a good cause," Kory repeats towards Dick, before grinning, "So I am certain the big cats will thank you." When Cassandra is introduced, Kory turns those pupilless eyes of hers towards the younger girl, inclining her head - especially when Dick murmurs what he does. "Cassandra," Kory says, bending forwards to put herself more on the height of the girl. Kory was quite tall, after all, "How did you end up at a charity ball such as this?" she inquires, her tone of voice a bit more gentle. Cassandra looked like a teen, but there was... something about how she was acting that suggested that the soft gloves would be best to use.

In the back, a squeaky voice calls out, "Fo.. Forty Tttwo!". It's a twenty something young upstart in the online social media frenzy taking the market by storme these days - some might know him as the founder of Zwooble. Horn rimmed glasses and all. At least he's observing proper attire and without a pocket protector.

"..." Renee frowns a little when Kate initially bids, brow furrowing just so. It won't last long. Glancing back up at the auction block -- dear Lord, Diana, Amazon Princess on the auction block -- she comments from a little behind Ted, "I'm kind of surprised you're not bidding." A few seconds later, very quietly, to herself: "I wonder if Themyscira's got its own library."

A hesitation, and the feminist lifts her paddle again. "Forty-five." She HAS to rescue Diana from the guy who can't even speak. Or something.

She-Hulk nodded, the acronym was one she had heard but recalling its exact meaning word for word. No, but the overall she did get and left the entirety of what they were discussing - related to FIDO, alone. "This is just part of it. Getting to do something that doesn't have to do with being in an office...Of any kind, or dealing with paperwork. Boating, so do you just go out and enjoy that slice of life, or fish?" Everyone had their own things they did for peace of mind, She-Hulks was being at places like this, during mingling events, and even that reminder had her looking back at the stage as the Amazon was going for a decent bid.

"I ain't poor, but I ain't got near the cash to be getting in that bidding war," Ted replies to Renee. "Saw it coming from a mile away, too."

Donna Troy turns, it seems she isn't so very far from Rene and the others. Or she just has very good hearing (imagine). She comments, "Themyscira has a very vast library actually." She steps closer, offering a warm smile to the tuxedo clad woman. "Of course it helps if you can read Ancient Greek..."

Danny glances around, well shall he up the bid one more time? Oh why the heck shouldn't he, another raise of his hand, and the hand raises once again, "Make it seventyfive."


Kate mulls it, briefly--the invisible plane is, okay, awkward, in some ways, but maybe with a little elbow grease, some innovations from Man's World... maybe it could be turned into something worthwhile, or--

Or, okay, maybe it'll get some kind of rise out of Renee, which is the important thing, here.

"One hundred," she clearly calls, holding her hand aloft again.

More importantly, maybe it'll get some rise out of her stepmother.

"Alfred," answers Cassandra to Koriand'r, as if it were the most obvious answer in the world. She blinks at Koriand'r, frowning. She can tell, despite Koriand'r alien heritage, at least in part what the other woman is assuming. Dick's arm is gripped, somewhat tightly. She hates it, when people think she's dumb, or 'slow'. Hopefully, Dick will get the impression, and at least explain in part to Koriand'r.

"One hundred thousand," Selina announces. "Looks like the lovely lady gets the date." She raises a hand in what just might be a victorious gesture. "I think this is a good place for us to take a break. We will begin the second half of the auction shortly." Turning, she whispers something to the conductor who leads the band in a slow number. Perfect for dancing to.

Jake was about to lift his hand and bid once more on Diana until Rand tosses up a large enough number he had to think twice on his wallet. Reservation was a good idea. "Fishing is all right, just to get out is where it's at though, cut the wind and such. Besides a guy like me and a boat? Just seems to fit. Maybe I'll take you out sometime, have to be soon though - weathers about to go south. "

"With the archaeological value alone," Renee says, presumably Ted-wards, "I'm surprised she hasn't gone for at /least/ a hun--"

Oh. Now she has.

Renee whips her head around to Kate with 'WTF' written all over her expression. It takes an effort to wipe that look off her face and turn a smile on Donna, but at least it's honest enough.

After a settling breath: "I can learn. Especially with a good teacher."

Dick does place a hand on Cassandra's own, speaking quietly to Kory, "She has difficulty with spoken language. She'll pretty much understand what you're saying to her, but she might not quite be able to find the words to respond. She's...well, she's learned a different kind of language." That explanation will hopefully suffice. "I think she's interested in talking to you though." He smiles, "You're her first alien, I think."

On stage, Diana glances towards the redhead in the tuxedo with cane as the bids come in. She does not actually recognize Kate Kane, but that does not matter. She will apparently get a chance to know the benefactress of the great cats in some detail, since she just far out bid every other competitor. The Amazon princess smiles, waves to the crowd, and descends the steps to make her way towards Kate, perhaps to complete introductions and find out what will follow from there.

Ted chuckles. "Kinda surprised she didn't go for more than that," he comments. "I know half the guys in this room have asked their wives to dress like her." Lord knows where he heard that bit of gossip. He turns to offer Donna a smile. "Hello there. Ted Grant." He offers a hand and a charming smile.

"She's really bright," Kate helpfully offers, turning a mutedly victorious smile towards Renee--and to Donna, too, of course.

It's totally affected, since now she probably has to listen to Catherine complain about how to wisely spend /her/ money and so on and so forth, but it's /there/.

"Maybe I'll see if they'll let me bring a repro of one of the books, or something? We'll have to see--oh, hey--" She pivots towards Diana as she refolds her hands atop her cane.

"I could ask her now, if you want."

"Gladly. Sounds like something to look forward to." She-Hulk's eyes left Jake only for the moment to settle on the stage that Diana was leaving, blinking rapidly at the sum that she went for. "I am glad I just came with a donation and no intent to bid. Some of these prices are even out of my league.." Or a price that would set her back. With that thought the envelope was lifted and tapped against the side of her thigh idly. "The rate this is going she can save Africa."

Donna Troy smiles at Rene and continues to talk as she watches her sister being in six figures. "Well I'm sure that's entirely possible.. Greek isn't so difficu.." She turns and looks at Ted as he drops the comment about people's bedroom dress up habits. She takes his hand, "Princess Donna of Themyscira." Her voice takes on a very rare hint of coolness as she actually pulls out her full title. Willingly. Oh the things a woman will do for her sister. "A pleasure to meet you Mister Grant."

For being an alien, Koriand'r's movements would probably be fairly readable to Cassandra - Kory did some strange things at times, but she had also been on Earth a long period of time. Perhaps equivelent to someone speaking English with a heavy accent? Straightening up, she looks towards Dick, inclining her head. "Ohhhh... Alfred," she says to Dick. She had only met the man in passing, and he seemed quite a gentleman. Setting one hand on a hip, she brings up her other to scratch at her cheek, beaming a smile to both her conversation partners. The dancing music was not really inspiring her to dance; but then again, she kinda knew Dick already. "Now we'll have to go out again sometime," she tells him, with a little smile touching the corner of her lips. "If you'd like, I could probably arrange something."

Afterwards, however, the alien turns her eyes back towards Cassandra. "Are you new to Gotham, then?" Kory asks Cassandra, letting a smile touch upon her lips. "Where are you from?" Zatanna glances at Diana and...Kate. Huh. That's an interesting one. She relaxes, finishing her champagne and claiming a mini crab cake from one of the waiters, which she munches on carefully...not wanting to spill breading on her dress.

One eye brow arches upwards, had she just given a yes? Jake figured he'd push more on the subject later on during conversation. One hand motions over towards the drinks, not waiting for her reponse before he was handing one to She-Hulk and getting himself another which at this rate he'd best slow down; he'd be dancing himself home very poorly. Conversation would carry and he'd pick up Donna's to Ted's back and forth, "So, you think she's really a princess?" Asks the lunatic warrior-priest to the gamma radiated power house in a room full of all degree of the super spectrum.

"Ask me what?" Diana offers simply enough, as she extends a hand to Ms. Kane. "Perhaps introductions are in order?" Proof she doesn't know who the redhead is, but plans on finding out.

"Yeah, sure, that'd be nice," Renee murmurs with a glance to Kate, but then she turns to face Donna squarely. She winds up being... very glad she didn't press things further. And however foolish some might think her, /she/ thinks it prudent to sketch a bow (a curtsey being out of the question while wearing a tux). "Your Highness," she acknowledges. "Maybe I'll take up archaic languages," she adds, straightening. She also straightens the tuxedo jacket a bit. "Renee," the ex-cop then offers. "Renee Montoya."

"A pleasure to meet ya," Ted says to Donna, seemingly unaffected by her coolness and formality. "Princess, huh? Guess that makes you Hippolyta's daughter, too." There's an odd tone in his voice as he mentions the Queen of the Amazons. "Next time you talk to her, be sure to tell her old Ted Grant said hi."

"New," agrees Cassandra to Koriand'r. She eyes the other woman, speculatively, and then pokes a finger, gently, into Kori's arm, as if seeing if the orange tint is some kind of body-paint, or other fancy make-up that might make her seem that way. Though, it certainly looks natural. From whence she comes, however, she doesn't answer. That's an answer few get from her, one that not even Dick has gotten, yet, in full.

"Okay! Well, I have to say thank you for the wonderful shows of generosity." Selina fans herself with the index card before reading it again, her smile widening. "Looks like our next couple of auctions will be for the ladies. Restarting this, we have our own Mister Ted Grant up for bid. Ted, dear. Get your tail up here!

Donna Troy shakes her head at Ted and smiles. "I'm Diana's sister.. and yes.. I'm the Queen's daughter.. though, as with most things Amazon.. it gets.. complicated." She shrugs some. This isn't the place to get into magic mirror discussions. "And I'll tell her hello for you Mr. Grant. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from an old friend." As Selina calls his name, she smiles warmly, "Knock 'em out, Mr. Grant." turning back to Rene, not trying to ignore her, "Please.. there's no need for that but thank you." She offers her hand to Rene, "I'm pleased to meet you Ms. Montoya. Donna Troy. You can just call me Donna. It's okay. Really."

"Uh oh. Looks like it's my turn on the bidder's block. Ladies, please excuse me. And get your wallets out," Ted says with a wink, turning and heading through the crowd. After a moment of squeezing past people, he climbs up to his designated spot. He turns towards the crowd and offers his most charming, devil-may-care smile. Out of the corner of his mouth, he says sotto voce to Selina, "You owe me for this, darlin'."

"You can go ahead and surprise me." Dick notes to Kory's offer of arranging some kind of date. "I'm sure we'll have fun regardless." Totally platonic we're-just-good-friends-who-happen-to-be-exes fun, right? *ahem* He looks to Cassandra, chuckling, "Yeah, that's her real color. Not from Earth and all." His attention turns back to the stage, chuckling a bit as Ted Grant makes his way there for his turn on the block.

Renee chuckles quietly at the effusive attempt to put her at ease -- and at Ted as well. "Donna," she agrees then, shaking the hand. "A pleasure." While she's at it she makes introductions between the Amazon and Helena as well.

Kory favors Dick with a smile, "Of course we will - I'll find something to do... maybe we could even bring her?" she says, looking towards Cassandra. Of course the date would be platonic, Dick. Ahem-hem. Koriand'r watches the movements of Cassandra with certain curiosity. The Tamaranean doesn't react at all when Cassandra reaches out her hand towards her, but the poke that Cassandra delivers makes no headway into her flesh. The average human would have a little give when poked, especially in the meaty part of the forearm. Kory had no such attribute. "I am from the planet Tamaran - it is... um... in the Vega system, if you know much about astronomy?" she inquires of Cassandra.

Bowing - the cane makes it easy to maintain a shallow yet respectful angle - Kate reaches forward so that by the time she's upright again, she's loosely grasping Diana's hand.

"Lessons, for--" She glances towards Renee, who's by now turned her attention over to Donna; it takes her a moment or two longer than it ought to to look towards Diana again, probably because she has to wipe a minute frown from her face.

"Nothing, uh, Kate, Kate Kane," she quickly says, firming her grip and shaking Diana's hand all at once.

Cassandra nods towards Dick, then Koriand'r, offering a small, if not apologetic sort of smile. "Pretty," she says, quietly, to Koriand'r, as if in genuine compliment. At the query to astronomy, she merely shakes her head. "No." Then, as Dick looks towards the stage, so does she. And, she does not miss the extremely subtle manner in which Ted moves, the assiduity he has in his body, the muscle mass behind it.

She eyes the older man with intensity, now, her focus moving from the alien to the fighter.

"In more ways than you can imagine," Selina counters to Ted, equally quiet. Looking at him, she gives him a wink before breaking out that winning smile, it first given to him and then to the crowd as a whole. "Mister Grant loves long walks on the beach and sharing bottles of wine with a special lady. A genuine keeper," she says with a flourish. "What say we start the bid at ten grand?"

The offering of another champagne from Jake had her standing there with the third she had yet to finish, eyeing it and the one extended. Downing it with a small shrug she set the glass aside on a small table and taking the offering from Jake with the flash of a grateful smile that seemed all too out of place on such a woman's face, but it was there. When he asks about Diana her head turns to look over the people and the Amazon that just went for a hefty sum. "I am not sure, I have personally not seen anything saying she is or is not, but she defends and fights like a ranking of any people, who am I to judge?"

This time, Zatanna lifts her bidding paddle. "Ten thousand." She's studying Ted with a distinctly appraising look. Uh oh. Or maybe it's just that he's the first male on offer tonight.

Jake lifts up his hand, "Twenty Thousand. I wouldn't mind seeing if Mr.Grant still has some moves left in him." He said loudly, worth it for a boxing match because that was entirely what he intended. A glance towards She-Hulk the only person here in the least right now familiar to him, he raised up one hand and cupped his mouth whispering. "I'll win four times that back just by betting against myself." A wink was given to Jen.

Donna Troy nods to Helena, greeting her likewise but turning back to Rene, she's curious. "You're interested in learning Ancient Greek just for the remote possibility of seeing the library?" She can't help but notice some.. let's call it tension.. betweek Ms. Kane and Rene. She does her best to ignore it however. "What's yuor interest in Amazon literature, if I might ask? Are you a historian?" She looks up, grins at the bidding on Ted and murmurs half to herself, half to Rene, "Here goes my whole completion bonus.. calling out clearly, "Twenty-Two!"

"Ten..." Selina says while dipping her head towards Zatanna only to then blink in surprise when Jake bids against her. "Twenty. We have twenty." Clearing her throat, Selina whispers into Ted's ear, "Well, looks like you got the attention of more than just the ladies..." she starts to say but then Donna bids and she points towards her. "Twenty-two to the lady there!"

The blonde guy who was just outbid the last round also has similar thoughts that Jake does, he raises his hand, "Twenty-five. Hey a lesson from the great Ted Grant is worth at least that much."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Kane." Diana offers with a smile, not at all minding the hand claiming hers, though she is aware it's not usually the sort of gesture women perform with other women. "You already know who I am. What was it you wished to ask me? Something about your friend, there?" Yes, Diana caught the look, and just a hint of the conversation before her approach. Only a hint, though, hence her question. "Thank you for your very generous bid, Ms. Kane. I am sure the wildlife preserve and Ms. Kyle also thank you."

Of course, Diana does turn and look to watch as Ted Grant is called up and the bidding begins. She didn't catch the comment about her mother, however. She does smile about something as she catches Zatanna bidding on Ted. But her sister? OK. What is going on here?

Zatanna hesitates, then, "Thirty!" she calls. No mistaking her voice...whilst some might blend in, she knows how to make its tones carry.

"Thirty-five," responds Cassandra, slowly, but speaking clearly, her eyes never straying from Ted, yet. Bruce -did- indicate she could bid. Once. From his body-language.

Donna Troy watches it quickly get rolling. "Too rich for my blood.." Which is an ironic statement for a woman who is essentially royalty. She turns back to Rene, to hear her reply to the previous question perhaps.

Selina laughs a bit and then nods. "Twenty-five..." And then her gaze darts towards the lady magician and then to Cassandra. "Thirty-five! That little lady must be one helluva cat lover!" Joyful beyond measure, she can not keep herself from chuckling. "Anymore?"

"If she wants." Dick notes of Kory's offer to include Cassandra in whatever she has planned. His attention quickly turns back to Cassandra as she bids, and he laughs a touch. He does lean over and murmur quietly in her ear, "Even if you don't win the bid, I think we can probably arrange a sparring session." Just to let her know and all.

Queue the slow blink from She-Hulk as Jake cast a bid for Ted and the ball was quickly rolling. What was the trick to this one? Or was there? The mystery music was playing in her head as she sipped away at her fourth flute of champagne and when Jake said those words to her it became clear enough that she had to drop the glass from the edge of her lips and cover her mouth. The laughter was there but it was held off for a moment so she could swallow. "If there is ever a good way to throw money around..." Shaking her hand off and picking up a napkin she ensured there were no signs and then spoke again. "Going quick. Put your twenty on my bid eh?" Waiting for response before she would bid.

"Just... curious," Renee allows. She lapses to silence, then, so that Donna may do her bidding. Also, Renee just stares for a moment, having been completely surprised by it. She recovers some few moments later, turns a little, and finds Diana nearby -- having been talking to Kate, of course. That makes sense. So now, as before, Renee sketches a bow. This one is slighter than that offered to Donna, as she presumably learns from her mistakes. "Princess," she quietly acknowledges.

Kory was caught off guard by the intensity of the stare that the little one gave Ted. Stepping away from the girl, the alien turns about to glance towards the stage, spying Ted. "Is that someone she knows?" she asks Dick, glancing back towards him.

"It's nothing," Kate says with a gentle, abolishing smile. "Just a little idle conversation. I admit, though, this--isn't usually my /thing/, exactly, I've been to more of these things than I can count, and I just--"

After softly exhaling and unclasping Diana's hand, the heiress simply states, "It's my pleasure, being able to help out, a little."

Jake while giving She-Hulk a curious look would let a sly half quirk of lips form, "You plan on boxing him too?" He taunts before looking up stage.

Donna Troy nods to Renee and smiles. "Well.. I can't promise you would be able to visit Themyscira. It isn't really my place to say. But.. if you're ever in New York City, you can stop by the Embassy building. We do have a small library of selected works. I can certainly arrange for you to see those books."

Up on the stage, Ted is grinning at his bidders and shamelessly pandering to the audience. He falls into a boxing stance and takes a few punches at the air, calling to mind his boxing career and the reason he has the little bit of fame he's been riding on for years. Yep, still got it.

Selina looks around while Ted does his thing, that getting her to actually giggle a bit. "We're holding at thirty-five. Anymore?"

"Tempting...Didn't think of that but was more along the lines of investing in your idea.." It was apparent though, that could be a thought as She-Hulks eyes narrowed with a smile.

"Very well. Still, thank you for your generosity. We should talk at some point about what you would like to do with your purchased time." Diana offers to Kate, not wanting to pry. Clearly the other woman is a bit uncomfortable with something, and she's not going to make that any worse. It's not in her nature.

"Good evening." Diana offers to Renee when greeted. "Please, call me Diana. You are?" she says with a curious tone, sharing a warm smile.

"Ah yeah... always fun to get ones ass handed to them." Jake would laugh a little. Contemplating another bid or not. His drink getting on the side of light he finishes it off and picks up another. "Go for it, I'll back your bid up if you're feeling froggy." He pauses realizing what he just said. "Not a green joke by the way."

Kate glances towards Renee, then the stage, then Renee, then the stage, Renee, the stage, Renee--

Renee; she kind of splits her gaze between she and Diana, at least, and most of her attention even goes to the princess when she speaks to her.

"Absolutely--did you want to hash it out tonight? Another day, maybe over the phone?"

"Renee Montoya," the former detective of that name replies to Diana. "Ms. Kane and I are friends." Right. "I'm not sure who I should be congratulating," she then admits. Diana for netting Kate, or Kate for netting Diana. While she thinks on it, though, Donna addresses her, and this has the effect of completely distracting her.

That is, Renee stares a few seconds.

"That... that's very generous," the Latina replies with a blink, nearly stumbling over the thank-you that comes next. Then: "New York, huh..."

Sorry, Ted. Like the Wildcat himself, Renee is prettymuch ignoring all else in favor of these ladies. Which is probably very wise on her part.

She-Hulk shook her head and leaned back, watching Ted with his moves on stage and laughed lightly. "Best to let him get a good date in off of this and not one that wants to toe the line with him." Leaning back she went back to observing the festivities and looking over the faces of those present, in case any she knew may have shown up.

An older socialite raises her paddle. "Fifty."

"Fifty..." Cocking a glance to Ted, Selina smiles. "Looks like you're the second most popular auctionee so far." She looks around, waiting for last moment bids.

Looking, briefly, to the socialite, Cassandra looks back. It may, or may not, be a warning glance. Bruce may ground her, but, ... "Fifty-Five," she pronounces, again, slowly, but very clearly. English, certainly, is not this young woman's first language.

Zatanna is not bidding again. She glances at the kid with Bruce, wondering if the girl wants a date or boxing lessons. Hopefully boxing lessons.

"Fifty-Five." Selina gestures like she's banging a gavel. "Sold! Now, don't keep your date waiting, dear," she playfully quips to Ted, that followed with a quickly added on, "Call me and let me know how I can pay you back."

Ted chuckles and tosses Selina a wink before walking off the stage. He heads toward Cassandra, figuring he should meet the girl who spent so much cash.

"No, I don't think so, anyway." Dick notes to Kory, "Uh...I'll explain later." Because it's probably not a conversation to have in public, really. He looks towards Cassandra as she makes her very determined bid, and shakes his head slightly, unable to hide the look of bemusement. Yes, Bruce might be annoyed, but it's for a good cause. He'll have to talk to Cassandra a little later about maintaining the whole "secret identity" thing, though. Because if she bid for the reasons he's quite sure she bid, Ted may be in for a heck of a surprise. He does, however, step aside a bit so Ted and Cassandra can formally meet.

She won? Cassandra did! Hopefully, Bruce won't be mad at her, but she certainly won't be bidding, again. Cassandra looks towards Ted - and, there is a more serious edge to her gaze, as she sizes up the burly boxer, than simply enjoyment, or flirtation, or whimsy. Ted certainly has the experience to note an opponent, sizing him up, when he sees it.

Donna Troy smiles as Diana and Kate drift closer. She lets them introduce each other. "Congratulations Diana.. I figured you'd be the centerpiece of the Auction.." She looks to Kate, "It was a very generous bid. It will be used well I'm sure." She looks to Renee and shrugs, "What can I say? One of the foundations of Themyscira and of Amazon beliefs is that knowledge cannot be hoarded. But..we are also careful with whom we share some knowledge. Just as every country is." She smiles. "The library at the Embassy is largely of Philospohy and the Arts. They're the more interseting books. The rest are boring. Just Rules and Laws and Policy, really." She shoots a playful glance at Diana in case she's listening. It's a "what? You hated reading that stuff when we were kids too!" kind of look.

The auction continues on with Helena being called up next. Going for a tidy sum herself to a wealthy buisness man, the other man on the list of 'those to be sold' is called up now. "Annnnnnd, for our next auction, we have Mister Jake Lockley. Jake. Time to give the ladies an eyeful!"

"Ah hey that would be me. If you'd excuse me Miss Walters." A confident stride followed by a quick, easy hop up onto the stage and Jake was turning around, balancing on one foot for a moment (obviously he'd been drinking) he squints past the lighting a hand rose up and taps the mic.

"Hi there Gotham, imagine none of you here except for maybe a couple know me... just figured what the hell right, names Jake Lockley - I'm an independently wealthy ex-boxer, nice to meet you all and thank you Selina for the great event, lets hear it for kitties!"

Balancing his drink Mr.Lockley claps, then spoke again."And on a personal note - I don't see him here but Tony Stark is an asshole! Cheers and once again thank you Selina Kyle!"

With that his drink was guzzled back and his other hand waved in the air, what a politician; he mentally commended himself. Who knows why the man said that, maybe it was something to do with the news or well, the alcohol or both. Then again it very well could have been a personal thing.

"Rules, law, and policy are cornerstones," Renee says, thoughtfully. "I used to be a detective," she explains, mainly to Donna. "I doubt I would mind the 'boring' texts. I just... wow, thank you again. Excuse me a sec."

She /does/ wind up raising a hand early on in the bidding for Helena. As she is virtually guaranteed to be outbid, however, she just kind of smirks.

Double take, and she finished her fourth going for the fifth...and sixth as the tray passed, emptying one hand and filling two. Watching Jake make his way up to the stage and his announcement had her head lowering slightly. "" With that her eyes were searching for Tony Stark, in a mad dash as if he may have showed up and she missed it. Thankfully, he was not spotted anywhere, because that would have likely sparked some male bravado. Leaning back she affixed the paddle in her hand and waited for the bidding to begin with a wry smirk etced on her lips.

Ted walks over to Cassandra and offers a hand. His smile is more polite than rakish, she could be his granddaughter after all, but he still seems genuinely pleased to meet her. His eyes narrow just a tad as he notices the assessing look she has, and glances at her posture. A fellow fighter, then. Well, it might be his kind of 'date' after all. "Hey there, miss."

Donna Troy smiles. "A detective?" She regards Renee for a moment, "I can see it. There was something in how you carry yourself. I won't pry about the 'used to be' part. Hopefully you are enjoying your current work as well."

"Cassandra," offers Cassandra, for her name. She does not offer Ted her hand, or any other part of her. But, she nods to him just the same. Then, briefly, offers him a smile. She's going to look forward to this. And, she actually 'won' someone in the auction, which helps her feel a little bit more involved with society. And that's always a good thing.

"So seeing as how Mister Lockley is such a find, let's start the bidding at twenty-five thousand." She doesn't like bumping the bids up this much but she is on a roll, now and Selina doesn't feel guilty after the momentary pang of guilt. It is for a good cause.

Zatanna contemplates for a moment. "Twenty-five," she says, clearly, raising her paddle. Never mind that she doesn't know who it is and never mind that she probably doesn't have enough spare, casual cash to actually win the guy.

Diana does find Donna's comments a tad pointed, but that's what sisters are for, right? "If you know what you would like to arrange now, Kate, we could discuss it now. If you would like to think it over, I can give you the number at the Embassy and we can arrange something by phone at a later time. I can get very busy, but I give you my word as an Amazon we will make time for this arrangement."

For Renee, Diana comments, "We also have texts on medicine, physiology, and history, though those are currently my own collection. I would gladly share them with you, Detective, if you were interested in their subject matter."

When the bidding began She-Hulk was shuffling the drinks in her hand, holding two in one with the awkward bend of fingers, one stem snapping and sending the glass shattering to the floor. Cough.. One heeled foot came out and kicked some of the glass back to hide it behind her. One hand held the paddle up while the other was drinking her champagne before she spoke up. "Thirty thousand." Was that right? Ah well...

"I'll find you later, Cassandra." Dick Grayson notes to her, before nodding to the elder man respectfully, "Mr. Grant." With that, he's unfortunately swept into another round of "mingling" with Gotham's elite. The things one has to do to maintain a secret identity.

Selina turns to face towards Zatanna's voice and then once more towards the second bidder, her eyes wide. "Very nice, ladies but surely you got some more? It is for the big cats, after all."

Donna Troy doesn't mind any of the books. She loved reading. But what child likes reading rules and laws? She nods as Diana gives her support to letting Renee see some of the books at least. "Of course you'll still need to start learning Ancient Greek." She smiles, dropping the topic to let Diana continue it since, well.. this is her call ultimately anyway.

"Thirty-five thousand." Zee is grinning a bit, although she knows she can't go as high as she would like. She can force the price up, though!

"Nice to meet you, Cassandra," Ted says, dropping his hand to his side and returning her nod. "Looking forward to sparring with the old champ, are ya?" See, he's not a -total- perv. He offers a nod to Dick one his way out to mingle. He drops his voice, so it doesn't carry far over the ambient sounds of the room. "You got dangerous eyes, girl. Fighter's eyes. Not gunning for revenge or something, are ya?" With a career like Ted's behind you, you gotta ask these questions.

Renee is vaguely amused. There's still a vibe, even at this setting, huh? Maybe she should work on that. But she inclines her head to Donna -- as graciously as she is able -- as an expression of gratitude for the lack-o'-prying. "Well enough," she responds, a mix of polite and evasive. But she will tack on, "Still settling into it."

As the Latina clasps her hands behind her back, Diana now addresses her, and Renee's gaze shifts over to the (other) Amazon. She can't help but think of her as the original; she's just diplomatic enough not to mention it. This is probably because she's only had one drink, which is pretty out of character (even if only Kate would know that). "If..." She smiles faintly. "If it's all Greek to me, it'll take awhile to get through /anything/. All knowledge is worthwhile, of course. I'm just... merely mortal." And has a paycheck to bring in. "Thank you for offering, Princess." She pauses. "Es." Plural.

Then she cocks her head. "Kate, are you going to read up on it, too? You could maybe earn some kind of honorary Amazon degree."

"No," answers Cassandra, honestly. Not that she -isn't- attractive. Her fighter's figure is slender, and she's certainly all female. However, she'd probably be able to read Ted's body language if he was hitting on her - just, be uncertain how to deal with it. "Spar. Yes." And, perhaps, whatever else she wants. She assesses Ted, again. She nods, indicating him, "Good."

"Embassy it is, then," Kate smoothly says; it's accompanied by an apologetic smile, probably because as soon as she finishes speaking, she's taking a step back. "I'll call as soon as I know my schedule--I should probably go make sure the payment's taken care of so I can be on my way, though."

Following a beat, she thinks to add, "Very nice to meet you."

She then turns an arched eyebrow towards Renee. "Oh, I dunno, I'm not half the bookworm you are--maybe I'll see if I can find something, though."

She-Hulk skimmed and settled her eyes on the other woman bidding against her for Jake. One brow rose and with that came the same side of lips and the paddle raised again. Tipsy and offered a challenge...skip that...she wanted a boat ride, right? "Forty thousand!" Now her eyes were back on the stage and the other glass was tipped back...Empty. A small frown and a large green hand snagged a tray from one of the passing waiters, setting it aside next to her. Price goes up so does her consumption. //What am I doing? Having fun! Damn.//

Though Jake appeared to be on the side of drunk from here he had a great vantage of who was what and where. Listening while he could, those bidding right now would get a smile, a flourishing half bow that could have made a Robin Hood clone like Green Arrow look bad. Or at least in his mind. Yeah, lay off the excellent wine especially infront of Gotham's social elite. Which, thankfully glass in hand was empty.

Thirty-five? Oh wow. Selina nods. "Thirty-five..." she motions again. Hopefully the excited energy that's about to consume her is contagious and someone else will get nabbed by it. Someone does indeed and she nods towards She-Hulk. "Forty!"

"Not a big talker, huh?" Ted asks, chuckling. His body language is more or less relaxed and innocent, although there's a certain deliberateness to his movements that marks him as ready for action should it become necessary. He's more or less analyzing Cassandra with the same experienced eye he's turned on so many of his students over the years. "Not a bad way to be. Somebody told me once that it was better to be silent and have people think you're a fool than to open yer mouth and prove it. I never got that hang of it, though." He chuckles.

A tiny frown follows Kate's retreat, or beginnings-of-retreat. Working to smooth her expression, Renee says, "Well... maybe we could head over to New York together," she offers, all but straining to keep the wistful hope out of her voice. She is, by and large, successful. She just also happens to be standing next to two Amazonian lie detectors.

"No," says Cassandra, to the first. She considers him again, then nods again. "Yes," she agrees. Ted is a chatterer. He, clearly, has not gotten the handle of not flapping his gums. Though, Cassandra doesn't seem entirely bothered by it. She pauses a moment, then, as if she were assessing some kind of prize horse for riding, or purchase, she walks a silent circle around Ted. An approving nod follows. Of course, she's never had a 'bought date' before, so she's uncertain where to go from here, in a more social setting. So, taking a cue from her earlier interaction with Dick, she puts her arm in Ted's, thereafter. There. That is probably right, right?

A nicely dressed Frenchman with a cane holds up a paddle for '45k' A woman with dark hair beside him was latcheed to the man's arm by the elbow.

"And there we go. Forty-five." Selina smiles to Jake and smiles. "Thank you." Not waiting, she announces the last one to be auctioned off. "And tonight's last auction is for Miss Zatanna Zatara, the renown stage magician."

Zatanna steps up onto the stage, setting down an empty champagne bottle. Of course, being who she is...she can't just walk out onto the stage like anyone else. She has to toss in a couple of dance moves, then toss a small bouquet into the audience. Must have been up her...oh wait, this dress doesn't *have* sleeves.

Hopping down from the stage Jake moved over next to Frenchie and Chloe, a brow upraising as he stood beside them, a quiet conversation held before. A smile sported up on his features and he left the two who would leave the money and depart, sidling himself back up near Jen Walters. "Well, that was fun. Doing what I tend to do best... make an ass of myself. " He gave the attractive woman a wink.

It held on her bid for a moment, and stepping back she leaned against the wall holding the paddle up in the air just in case anyone decided they wanted to try to outbid her, which the man with a woman already attached got a raise of brow, poor Jake. Either way her paddle was set to the air and the bidding was done which got it tossed over her shoulder. Tomorrow she would have kicked herself for spending way over her donation amount anyway. Crunching footsteps over the broken glass and finishing off her drink she approached the stage and slid the envelope to Selina with a smile. "That's for this whole event anyway. Lovely." Huccup, hand over her lips and she waved, moving back off and being caught by Jake in his return. "You know how to make a woman broke nearly, being an ass or not." The wink was returned.

Ted raises an eyebrow as Cassandra circles him, but he remains still. His eyebrow skyrockets higher at the approving nod, but he just shrugs minutely. As Cassandra slides her arm in his he can't help but chuckle, and then he's back to watching the bidding.

As Zatanna goes up for auction, a young man in the back lifts his paddle eagerly. "Ten thousand." He starts the bidding. Just don't ask him how old he is. He'll be upset. His voice didn't crack. Really.

Well a chance to bid on a famous stage magician, this one could prove interesting as well. Danny raises his hand, "Ten this lady deserves a lot more than that, how about thirty thousand."

"Hear hear," Renee murmurs. Evidently she agrees: the price for Zatanna should be jacked up. She just... doesn't have the salary to do it herself.

Jake chuckles as Jen looked to be departing, he didn't keep her. "You go past that man who bid on me on your way out go ahead and toss him your business card, I'd say hand it to me but I'd lose it." Seeing Zatanna go up Lockley would lift up a paddle. "25k"

The young man in the back screws up his courage and lifts his paddle again. "Forty thousnd." That just might be half his trust fund.

Danny raises his hand once again, "Sixty thousand." Being a Billionaire rocks!

Jake's brow would arch at the young man and the paddle would rise up again as Danny Rand's fell "Sixty seven thousand." His eyes cast up and off towards the stage and Zatanna. No way this place was dried up for cash flow yet, not with the fancy suits, dresses and jewelry flying around in here.

Zatanna grins a bit, striking something of a pose on the stage. Yeah. People want her...of course, she's an attractive woman, in a fascinating profession...she's not Diana, but...

Said Amazon lie detectors, however, are not in the habit of humiliating folks by pointing out that they are lying. The only problem being that it is often challenging to lie around them. It gets uncomfortable, though opinions vary on whether this is an aspect of magic around them, or just their presence, or their awareness of something as simple as micro-expressions. While Diana may be aware that there is a dynamic between Kate and Renee, she isn't going to pry, or push. Or cause further discomfort. "I will look forward to your call, Kate. It was nice meeting you." she offers. For Renee? "If you wished to visit the embassy, all are welcome. If you let the staff know your name, they will make sure you are admitted to the library." And make sure the sisters are informed of her arrival. She'll be on the special guests list within the hour, most likely.

She-Hulk was not leaving quite yet, but either way the small purse that went with the cocktail dress was lifted and opened. Maneuvering through the people she stopped before the Frenchman and the woman, nodding to them both in kind and handing the card over. "He's too drunk to carry this without losing it, but he said to give it to you." Tipping her head back she nodded towards Jake and left the card with the man before turning and making her way back over towards Jake and the table where she kept the apprehended tray of champagne, picking up another.

The young bidder in the back frowns, struggling. He so badly wants to bid higher ... but sixty was his top end. He can't go any higher. Crestfallen, he sighs.

Once more Danny raises his hand, "Well we have to get the famous magician up to a decent level, I'll jump to a hundred thousand." He takes a sip of champagne and smiles. Well didn't get Diana to lecture the kids at the soup kitchen, maybe he can get Zatanna to entertain them.

"Maybe," Kate quickly says, flicking her eyes to Renee with a note of surprise and curiosity. "We'll have to see." Following a brisk bow in Diana's direction and the assurance that, "I'll be in touch, Princess," Kate turns on her heel to make her retreat; after the first few steps, she adroitly twirls cane a few times before bringing it to a stop against her shoulder.

All along the way she is kind of wishing it'd just been some /other/ woman in a tuxedo.

Eighty thousand was his limit for the night, but that was when he was sober. Hearing Rand's bump, he figured he'd push for the higher step competition in this now. "110 thousand." Jake said, the paddle up then weaving back down. Way over budget but why not.

The bouncing bids are followed up till the end, the amount of which has Selina staggering. Not one but two big bids? "Well, goodness," she utters to herself only to then outright boggle thanks to Rand. "One-hundred and ten..." She looks over to the magician and grins, whispering, "Thank you for this."

Danny doesn't like to lose, that is his motto, and he already lost a few times this night, "Two hundred thousand." He says, not even hesitating to jump up even more.

Seriously. His tongue hit the back of his teeth, laughter came from behind him that was all too familiar and heard only by him and those who could perceive something cloaked between worlds. Jake calculated how much money he could spare and what assets he had still on the menu, that was almost triple the budget he set himself. Drunk or not he conceded with a smile. No way he was affording over 200k.

Some women might look embarrassed...Zee just flickers a grin towards each of the two men 'fighting' over her. Yeah. She's taking it entirely as her due...of course, it might be the flair with which she carries herself.

Renee watches Kate go -- until she hears 'two hundred thousand.' Her eyebrows jump and she turns back to the auction, peering. Then her gaze flicks to Diana, as though she expects the Amazon to be jealous. This is followed by swift mental kick. That was not a generous thought.

Bowing slightly again, she murmurs her thanks, and a promise she'll look into heading to New York in the near future.

With a bid THAT huge no one is really willing to go any further. "And there you are, ladies and gentlemen. Two-hundred thousand to that find upstanding citizen." She smiles sweetly to the winner before she turns to watch Zatanna do her own 'thing'. "Thank you again," Selina says, truly appreciative for what everyone has done for the foundation this evening.

With the final bid done and the place slowly clearing out She-Hulk figured it was best to stop 'babysitting' the vanishing tray of champagne and get home before something went very wrong. Despite the light haze on her brain caused by the alcohol she knew when it was time to play it safe before the crystal lion looked like something to play with. Heading towards the door she waved goodbye to people passing and to Jake. "He has my card."

Jake set the paddle aside and thrust his hands into his pockets after unbuttoning the top part of his shirt, taking on a more casual look as he strode by Jen, "I'm headed the same way, you need a lift? Figure New York is the destination." He was mildly pleased he accomplished what he needed though did not make any major break-throughs, no foothold with the Gotham social elite, his hope had been to outsource, get more contacts, push himself out there. Least he was now a 'face' on the scene. "Can have my driver drop you off if you like."

"Sure, that would be great." Smiling lightly to Jake she walked along side him, pausing with a lean against the wall and removing the heels. Enough was enough of that, the thing was over and she was ready to relax without the need for balancing acts on stilettos.

Renee applauds a little for the end of the auction; she might, again, be caught as one of few doing it. With the two Amazons accompanying each other in departure it leaves the ex-detective to go investigate a stiff drink. She's held off long enough and surely deserves the reward.

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