Legal book shelf

Universe Unlimited Mux is a non-profit text-based roleplaying community. Rights to all written materially specifically done for use in the news and coding of the Mux are reserved for the administrators there of (here forth referred to as Staff), copyright 2010. Use is prohibited in manners not directly related to the community, and Staff reserves the right to reject any use of copyrighted material created specifically for use in Universe Unlimted Mux. Any material written for scenes or characters by players within the community is copyright of its respective author and date, with understanding that Staff reserves the right as owners of the community to use said material solely for non-profit, game-related purposes.

Certain characters within Universe Unlimited Mux are based on pre-existing intellectual property. All rights to these characters, as well as all insignia and concepts related there to, are copyright their original owners, specifically Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and The Walt Disney Company, are reserved, copyright 2010. Staff of Universe Unlimited Mux claims no rights there to, and intend this space solely as a fan-based tribute to these intellectual properties. As a non-profit tribute, we contend our rights fall into fair use.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.