Queens is one of the larger and more culturally diverse boroughs of the city. People from hundreds of different ethnicities live here in multiple smaller regions such as Flushing, Astoria, Forest Hills, and Jamaica. It is a proverbial melting pot. On top of that, travel occurs the most through the borough. Both major New York City airports (JFK and Laguardia) are in Queens, as well as most of the highways that go through to different other boroughs, out of the city, and even different states. The downside to this is that air quality is poor within the borough and health concerns such as asthma are prevalent.

The neighborhoods within Queens, and even the culture are quite mixed. It isn't uncommon to head down to one neighborhood, which is predominantly one culture, then walk a few blocks to see the neighborhood completely different in culture. This cultural difference is also celebrated in the remains of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The park is a vast expanse of land which was used for the 1964 World's Fair and still stands today, housing Citi Field, for the Mets baseball team, Arthur Ashe stadium, where the US Open is held yearly, the Queens Zoo, ice skating rink, various museums, as well as the well known unisphere, which celebrates diversity and world peace.

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