Sophie, Phoebe, Irma (Mindee), Celeste & Esme Cuckoo, also known as The Stepford Cuckoos or Five-In-One, are a group of telepathic clones that have been created with ulterior motives in mind.

The StoryEdit

Unbeknownst to the general populous, the sisters were grown from eggs harvested from Emma after the attack on the Hellions. They are only five of many thousands of such clones. These clones lay inside statis/growth chambers inside various hidden laboratories at The World. They are designated as Weapon XIV. The sisters made their appearance at the institute at the tender age of 12. There they were instantly recognized as some of the top telepathic talents of the fourth generation of the classes. The sisters were protected by a telepathic block that was pushed to the school that would cause anyone questioning their origins to instantly lose their train of thought. Emma and the X-Men are unaware of their true purpose.

Since their joining of the X-Men and the institute they have situated themselves quite nicely. They have adapted, mostly, to the life of a student and the role as heir apparent to Emma. They are trying to fit in and act like normal teenagers, or as normal as their powers will let them. This leads to some social awkwardness. The sisters are obviously very tight with each other, however, on several occasions they are seen separate from each other, doing their own thing. These times are rare and during that time the individual personalities surface.

Each of the sisters seems to excel at something or another, however they all seem to have some various levels of skills with each other's hobbies. This gives them a rather unfair advantage when it comes to learning, that most students just can't cope with. The sisters are very athletic and they are often playing one sport or another to pass the time or work on their team work. Regardless of the situation, they seem to be constantly training themselves. They are driven by Sophie's desire to be a hero.

The Voices in their HeadsEdit

  • Sophie
Easily regarded as the most free thinking of the sisters. She is the leader. Emma inspires her to be a hero, and she uses this to control the hive mind and do "good".
  • Phoebe
A power-hungry stab you in the back, take no prisoners type. She is looking for ways to make herself more powerful, stronger and the best of the best. She is very aggressive and has destructive tendencies.
  • Irma (Mindee)
She is very artistic and creative. She is a dreamer and a philosopher. She is very organized.
  • Celeste: She is the momma's girl. The goody-goody. The tattletale. She fears losing the closeness and bonds she has with her sisters and this drives her to be the peace maker of the group. She fears the power that Phoebe craves. She tries to mother the group as much as possible and coddle them to keep their personalities unchanged.
  • Esme
Rebel. Darth Vader. She is the darkest of the group. She longs for the control of the group that Sophie has. Several times she has tried to seize control, but has met with resistance from the various sisters. She is the most outspoken of the group, to the group, always trying to undermine the unity that Sophie's control and command brings. She's a trouble maker.



Inner Workings of the Mind Skills that pay the bills

The primary power of the five sisters is simple telepathy. Each of the girls may have or may not have the individual powers that the group holds. At least one member of the group, usually more, have access to the independent powers. This means that Sophie may be able to read minds, but may not be able to generate a psionic force bolt. Likewise Esme might not be able to Mind Control targets, but she might be able to generate the psionic force bolt. They have the ability to link their minds into a super-mind or gestalted form and increase their powers significantly. In their gestalt form they border a near Omega level of telepathic power.

In casual use they are almost always in constant communication with one another. They are often finishing sentences for one another without thinking about it. They have the standard list of telepathic powers including Mind Control, Reading/Sending Thoughts, Mind Scans, Illusions, Astral Projection, Mind Shields, Psionic Force Blasts, Memory Alteration and Blocks. Each of the sisters may or may not have specific powers.

Like their mother they have an indestructible diamond form that they can assume. In this form they lose all psionic abilities, however, they become nearly invulnerable, super strong and durable. Invulnerability would allow them to survive an Apocalyptic Sentinel attack virtually unharmed. They are individually able to support several tons of weight, maxing out around fifteen. In this state their minds are invulnerable to all psionic abilities. Unlike their mother however, their diamond form has no flaws in it. It is impossible to escape from or enter into. This is strong enough to even hold the phoenix force in check. The sisters can also shift just parts of their bodies to this diamond state, including vital major organs, without affecting their general health.

Because of the psionic network between the sisters they have the ability to share their senses with one another as well as their knowledge. They basically work as one entity most of the time and that knowledge is shared equally amongst them.

  • The Sisters are high school students. They have the general knowledge that would be imparted to a student of the Institute.
  • Along with their academic studies the sisters are also trained in basic combat techniques by both Emma and the staff at the institute. They are full combat ready members of the X-Men when they need to be.
  • The sisters, being whom they are, are well versed in working as a team. They can, generally, accept a defined leader and function as a well organized machine when they need to.
  • Due to their telepathic abilities, the sisters have gleaned a general understanding of most languages, and for those they don't know, they just read the mind of the speaker. While they might not be fluent they are versed enough to stumble through a conversation and get the jist of it.
The Tricks of the Trade Flawed Reflections in the Facets
  • As members in good standing of the X-Men they have access to the resources and equipment that any X-Men would have. They have outfits that are identical except for the colors, which was required to be different by the faculty of the institute.
  • Five-In-One is literally a "One Woman Army". They have the ability, even when not gestalted, to function in unison and work as a single being with a single purpose.
  • They are clones, even if they don't fully realize that yet. As such the sisters look identical down to every last detail. Unless you were extremely familiar with them, most people would not be able to differentiate between them. There is a measure of "peer pressure" for them to not deviate from the look and style of each other.
  • The sisters are technically Emma's daughters. This gives them a special spot in Emma's life, and access to her resources, should they need it and her be willing to provide it. They tend to rely on the X-Men more, but they can call upon Emma if need arises.
  • The sisters origins are protected by a powerful telepathic block. This block causes all who question their placement, origins or purpose at the school to instantly lose their train of thought. This is a reflexive action and is highly effective at providing them with some cover.
  • The sisters are a hive mind at times, but they are still unique beings each with the own personality. This can sometimes lead to nearly imperceptible conflicts between them. Sophie is often the one in control, but Esme has shown the desire to take the reigns now-and-then.
  • The further the sisters are apart, the weaker their gestalt is. While the exact ranges vary significantly, more than five miles apart and the gestalt starts to suffer with a drop of a sheer cliff.
  • The sisters, much like Emma, at times are emotionally distant. They attribute this to their "Diamond Form" which shuts off their emotions completely.
  • The sisters are jealous of one another. When one is dating a person, the others do everything within reason to make the sister feel ashamed and degraded. They are not kind to one another.
  • The sisters have a rather significant flaw. If one of them so desires they can initiate and control the gestalt without the consent of the others, thus controlling all their power.
  • The sisters have a rather addictive personality. They are easily hooked on things that would generally addict others. This is probably a genetic flaw from their mother who has issues of abuse herself.
  • They are clones. Created by the Weapons Plus program. The five that are out and about are only five of a thousand clones. Their true purpose is hidden from them.
  • The sisters are basically always in communication with each other. This is instinctive and natural. This means that thoughts are generally shared between them. It makes having a private conversation with one of them impossible.
  • Unlike most telepaths, their powers are obvious when in use. If any of the sisters use any telepathic ability all of their eyes glow white.

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August 28, 2010: Poolside Encounters Alex, Jean & Scott meet up with the Stepford Cuckoos at the mansion's pool.
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