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Superman Clark Kent
Superman is a hero known to the world as a crusader for Truth and Justice. Known as Kal-El to those closest to the hero only, and as Clark Kent to others, he seeks to protect the world itself, no small task, while at the same time prove to himself that he can live amongst its people as a normal, everyday human.




Superman's powers are derived from a single source: his skin cells are able to absorb, store, and convert radiation from Earth's yellow sun into massive stores of energy, making him into a veritable powerhouse of abilities. The amount of energy Superman has available to him is directly related to the amount of solar energy his cells have absorbed, and have current access to. For the sake of brevity, his abilities focus on specific fields: Speed, Movement, Strength, Senses, Defensive, and Offensive.




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Log Title Summary
2010-08-19: The Coming of the Super-Cousin Kal-El, with the help of Martian Manhunter, meets his long-lost, older, younger cousin Kara
2010-08-20: Kryptonian Deja Vu or Didn't I Have This Conversation Last Night? Power Girl further complicates Clark's Life with Extra-dimensional Paradoxical Relationships.
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