The northernmost borough of New York City, the Bronx has traditionally been the most financially troubled of all the areas of New York City. The area’s primary industry is docking work, with the nearly million residents primarily working in jobs at or around the harbor. Most families live beneath the poverty line, and even the most affluent Bronx neighborhoods are a far cry from the wealthy districts of Queens and Manhattan. The crime rate here is significantly higher, with the local police force being notoriously good at looking the other way if the price is right.

The most popular destination in the Bronx is Yankee Stadium, home of the world famous New York Yankees. Games are usually social events, with bars and restaurants around the stadium serving as social gathering places before and after baseball, street musicians playing for tips and possible fame. Small botanical gardens are scattered around the area, though most are poorly kept compared to the meticulous gardens in Manhattan and Queens. The Bronx Zoo is also housed here. The zoo has been a large contributor to conservation and is vast in size and diversity with the animals that are cared for. The Hub, a collection of locally owned stores and markets, is a popular shopping district that has been immortalized due to its connection to the historical connection to the earliest days of hip-hop culture.

Scenes Set in The Bronx[edit | edit source]

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